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So ns am wanting to replace my cracked driver"s side fog irradiate lens on mine car. Nobody of the catalogs clues driver"s or passenger"s side, they simply say best or left. So perform I to buy the right or left part? that is top top the right once I stand in former of the car, however on the left as soon as I am sitting in the driver"s seat. What is the convention on this? I"m supplied to see parts noted as driver"s side and also passenger side, however I guess it provides sense this way, and the car are produced for control on both sided of the road... Anybody help me out?

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If you"re buying OEM climate you can go to and also state the component number instead of best or left If not, well, just communicate with the seller. Call him your car"s left hand drive and it"s the driver"s next one.


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i guess lock are choose that becouse in some countries the driver side and also passenger side isn"t constantly the same
In a left hand journey car, the driver sits on the left, therefore, the is thought about the left side.For components that are certain to one side, BMW part numbers finish with an even digit for parts that go on the best side, odd for the left.
It yes, really does not issue if the automobile is best or left hand drive.Left is left,Right is right.Still confused?Get in the car,turn ~ above the left signal,get out of car,look in ~ which next is blinking,it will be top top the left side!For those who arereally slow,do the very same on the right side!The front is always the front.The rear,always the rear.Left is left.Right is right!
Or simply said for long winded understand it all"s that still failure in answering the question, appropriate left components orientation as based on sitting n a seat encountering forward, not from was standing in former of automobile looking at it. Recap: sittimg in any seat in the car facing forward is the correct position for left/right parts orientation

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