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Kevin Ross is one American songwriter, singer, and also producer. Currently, he is signed to Motown Records and he released his debut album The Awakening in march of 2017. Ross is also one of the compensation winners songwriters, having written songs because that artists such together Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Jamie Foxx, SWV, and Johnny Gill. He began to gain notoriety in 2014 after being featured in a Glade holiday campaign that year, charting through his version of the song “This Is my Wish”.

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Kevin Ross Age

Ross is 33 years old together of 2020. He was born ~ above December 8, 1987, in Washington DC, joined States DMV area. He celebrate his birthday every 8th of December. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Kevin Ross Family

Kevin to be born and raised in the DMV area. He comes from a household full the musicians. When he was a child, that was greatly influenced through his father’s next of the family who all sung and also played music instruments.

Kevin Ross Education

Kelvin joined the fight it out Ellington institution of the Arts, a performing art high college in Washington, D.C. During his sophomore year, he covered songs indigenous Stevie Wonder in a Motown tribute. Ross was mindful that he wanted to pursue a career as a musician. ~ high school, Ross embraced a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee university of Music in Boston, where he studied contemporary writing and production. While attending Berklee in 2007, Ross showed up on BET’s 106 and also Park’s as part of the show’s Wild the end Wednesday competition.

In the end, winner the competition and also through his win, he recorded the attention of executive, management producer and also music sector veteran troy Taylor. ~ Ross graduated from Berklee college he relocated to Atlanta where he began his songwriting career. ~ he successfully landed numerous songwriting placements v Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, and other platinum artists, Kevin signed a recording deal with Motown documents in 2012.

Kevin Ross Girlfriend

Kevin is life a solitary life. Whether he is date somebody, he has not disclosed any kind of information concerning it. He has actually kept his an individual life far from the public. In addition, he has not however been seen v anybody in open up spots. Over there is no details with respect to his relationship.

Kevin Ross Measurements and also Facts

Here room some amazing facts and also body measurements you must know about Ross:

Kevin Ross Wiki

Kevin Ross PhotoFull Names: Kevin RossGender: MaleOccupation/Profession: songwriter, singer, and producerNationality: AmericanRace/Ethnicity: BlackReligion: not KnownSexual Orientation: Straight

Kevin Ross Birthday

Age/How Old?: 33 years old
Zodiac Sign: SagittariusDate of Birth: December 8, 1987Place the Birth: Washington DC, unified StatesBirthday: December 8th

Ross body Measurements

Body Measurements: no AvailableHeight/How Tall?: 5 feet 9 inch (1.75 m)Weight: no KnownEye Color: BlackHair Color: Black

Ross Family and also Relationship

Father (Dad): not KnownMother: not KnownSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): no KnownMarital Status: SingleDating/Girlfriend: To it is in updated

Ross network worth and Salary

Net Worth: $11 million dollars (2021)Salary: Under ReviewSource of Income: songwriter, singer, and producer

Ross House and also Cars

Place the living: joined StatesCars: automobile Brand to it is in Updated

Kevin Ross network Worth

Ross has actually an approximated net precious of $11 million dollars as of 2021. This has his assets, money, and also income. His primary source of earnings is his career as a songwriter, singer, and also producer. Through his various sources the income, Ross has been able to accumulate a great fortune yet prefers to command a usual lifestyle.

Kevin Ross Motown Exit 

After Kevin released Drive, he took a brief hiatus native the music industry. He reemerges and also announced his leave from his recording label Motown in January of 2019 and the development of his own label, Art culture Music Group. When he to be asked his reason for leaving Motown, he states “I want to have actually the flexibility to decide that I to be doing co-ventures with. It’s similar to in any kind of kind of business, when you have too countless cooks that room within the kitchen, occasionally you don’t acquire the finest result, especially when anyone doesn’t have the same finish goal in mind. Everyone can have great intentions, however if you’re no on the same page, an excellent intentions are kind of pointless.”  Additionally, Kevin announced the a new single Thing called Love and a brand-new album Audacity will be released in the Spring that 2019.

Kelvin Ross Motown

Dialogue in the Grey to be the an initial solo relax on Motown through Kelvin, it to be released in 2014. The 4-track EP, i beg your pardon featured appearances by Ne-Yo and T.I, offered Kevin the chance to tour nationally together the opened act for Maxwell’s Summer Soulstice tour and Ne-Yo’s One Night through Ne-Yo tour. Ross came to be the face of Glade’s “This Is mine Wish” holiday campaign that very same year. Kevin was named “Best new Artist” for 2014 by AOL after having actually a breakout year, for 2014. Kevin announced the relax of his long-awaited debut album top top Motown, The Awakening in 2015 but, the project would not be released till 2017.

At the time Kevin by producing his 90’s R&B mash-up collection he held his audience over. The mash-up series became well-known on social media and introduced Kevin come a whole new audience. Ross released his an initial official single from this debut album entitled “Long tune Away” in 2016. The solitary peaked in ~ No.1 ~ above Billboard’s Adult R&B tune chart and radio’s urban Adult contemporary chart, do Kevin the first debut Motown record artist since 2010 to attain that feat. His debut album, The Awakening, was officially exit on march 24, 2017, top top the Motown/Verve document label and it attributes appearances indigenous Chaz French, BJ the Chicago Kid, Lecrae, and production indigenous Babyface. Top top September 17, 2017, Ross announced the relax of his third EP, Drive.

Frequently inquiry Questions around Kelvin Ross

Who is Kelvin Ross?

Ross is an American songwriter, singer, and producer. Currently, he is signed come Motown Records and he exit his debut album The Awakening in in march of 2017.

How old is Kelvin Ross?

Ross is 33 year old together of 2020. He was born ~ above December 8, 1987, in Washington DC, United says DMV area. He celebrates his birthday every 8th of December.

How high is Ross?

Ross stands in ~ an typical height and also has middle weight. He shows up to be quite tall in stature if his photos, loved one to his surroundings, are anything to go by.

Is Kelvin Ross married?

Kevin is life a solitary life. Whether he is dating somebody, he has not disclosed any information regarding it. He has kept his personal life far from the public.

How much is Kelvin Ross worth?

Ross has an approximated net precious of $11 million dollars as of 2021. This contains his assets, money, and income. His primary resource of revenue is his career together a songwriter, singer, and producer.

Where go Ross live?

Ross right now resides in the unified States. He has not shared his an accurate location of residence. We will immediately update this info if we obtain the location and images that his house.

Is Ross dead or alive?

Ross is alive and in good health. There have been no reports that him being sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

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