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Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Florida?

It is called “urban foraging”, “containering”, “bin-diving”, “d-mart”, “dumpstering”, “skip dipping”, and garbage gleaning to surname a few. Call it what girlfriend will, the is dumpster diving and the brand-new craze. In the history labelled “garbage picking”, dumpster diving was as soon as relegated come the homeless and destitute. But as the media and also internet frequently achieve, dumpster diving has been supported to one obsession of the affluent.

What is Dumpster Diving?

Dumpster diving is salvaging the discarded items the end of commercial and construction dumpsters or residential refuse containers to rescue items for resale. Dumpster diving has taken ~ above a life that its own, promising adventure come the seeker. Some divers room on a search for profit, while others space on a search to supplant advertisement waste. Whatever the motivation, we have sourced details that might be valuable to girlfriend in the dumpster diving circuit in Florida.

Dumpster Diving regulations in Florida

Federal regulation on Dumpster Diving

The dumpster diving “industry” found its legality through a 1988 United states Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case entitled, California vs. Greenwood. Return the instance does not specifically resolve dumpster diving, it does focus on the meaning of trash or refuse the is left on windy property. In the SCOTUS ruling, the Court discovered that when things is thrown out as garbage it i do not care the “public domain”.

4. Is that illegal come dumpster dive in Orlando?

We the review the password of the City the Orlando, Florida (October 8, 2018) and also could discover no certain city legislation banning dumpster diving. The general rules around trespass and disorderly conduct room still in play. A call to the police department likewise confirmed no particular law against dumpster diving.

Penalties for Dumpster Diving Violations


You have the right to be charged because that trespass for a variety of reasons. A dumpster on exclusive residential property is off-limits if no at the street corner for refuse pick-up. Beginning a dumpster on restricted property, such as on city property, would certainly be taken into consideration a trespass. Additionally, the State that Florida states that a dumpster versus the side of a structure or specifically significant with a “No Trespass” signage would certainly be thought about off boundaries to dumpster diving.

Vandalism & Littering

There is a general dominance when dumpster diving the you leaving the neighboring area in at least the same problem as you found it. This is the case for three reasons. First, discarding the dumpster contents would be topic to criminal penalties for vandalism and also littering. Second, adverse push to diving gives the procedure a bad image and reputation. Third, the adverse condition would an outcome in the dumpster being locked by the owner, removing the dumpster indigenous future accessibility to divers.

Disorderly Conduct

To disobey a city ordinance, the direction indigenous premise owner, or a civil authority come vacate one area could result in a criminal fee of disorderly conduct. Therefore, all dumpster divers adhere come the provision, once on site, to follow every requests and directions.

Identity Theft

The removal of any an individual data or information discovered inside a dumpster could an outcome in a charge of identification theft. Accordingly, all an individual information the is uncovered within the dumpster should be destroyed or left alone within the container.

General Rules

Respect “No Trespass” signageRespect locked dumpsters, city dumpsters, dumpsters against buildings, and also dumpsters within fences and enclosures.Don’t lug adverse fist to her dumpster dive.Keep area clean and tidy; do not litter.If asked to vacate basic by owner or police, comply immediately.

Final Thoughts

Florida support the legality the dumpster diving. The State’s proof of this understanding will remain subject to each municipality’s codes and also ordinances. If in doubt, be certain to contact the city code which can generally be reviewed digital for each community. Maintaining a an excellent public impression top top the understanding is paramount come the future success that dumpster diving because that its proponents. So, v this in mind, be sure to adhere come Florida’s “trespass ~ warning” law, the individual municipal codes, and the typical sense rules laid out by supporters.

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