Sim Card, Micro-SIM Card, SD map or Micro-SD… so countless cards accessible nowadays because that our devices that it’s sometimes daunting to store track of them all. So… are they the exact same thing or do they serve totally different purposes?

This is what we’re going come talk about today when we share the answer to the question: Is a sim card the exact same thing together an SD Card?

Sim Cards and also SD Cards serve various purposes in her device. The sim Card is what the phone requirements to affix to a mobile network and make call calls. SD Cards offer extra storage for your maker so your phone will usually store photos, videos, music and app data here.

The same differences apply when it pertains to Micro-SIM and also Micro-SD cards.

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So even though castle are comparable in shape (but not identical!), they are fully different things, serving different purposes.

This is a regular, microSD card

All phones can role without one SD map (or a Micro-SD card), and some models don’t also have a dedicated slot because that you to use such a card.

However, if you want your phone to be able to make phone call calls via a mobile network, girlfriend will require a center card. No phones are built without a slot for such a map (or a Micro-SIM one, which offer the very same purpose however is smaller).

Some call models room of the Dual-SIM variety, an interpretation that you can use two different SIM cards and connect to two different phone networks, and have two various phone numbers on the exact same device.

But friend can’t use a sim card or a micro-SIM map in an SD card or Micro-SD card slot or vice-versa.

What go the “SIM” in center Card was standing for?

This is the abbreviation native subscriber identification module – usually describing what the map does and also what we explained above.

What go the “SD” in SD card stands for?

This is the abbreviation indigenous secure digital – which is a form of flash memory supplied for data storage (music, movies, image & more).

Can you usage a micro-SIM card in a sim card slot?

Yes, yet you will need an adapter to fit the smaller card right into the larger one. However, you can’t usage a constant SIM card in a micro-SIM slot.

Can you use a micro-SD map in one SD card slot?


Yes, yet you will likewise need an adapter to be able to use the tiny card in the bigger slot. Using an SD card in a micro-SD map slot is impossible.


You know now everything there is to know about the differences between SIM cards and SD cards, as well as Micro-SIM cards and also micro-SD cards. This will hopefully do it less complicated for friend to assist choosing your next phone, based on your needs.

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If you have more questions about the differences between SD and SIM cards, let us know in the comment ar below.

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