A.) Correct.B.)Karen"s brand-new dog had actually "fleas."C.)The old miner lost in the "desert."D.) How plenty of "hours" perform we have to wait?

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a. If friend ask me, there"s no hobby prefer fishing.Mistakes: b - fleas - not fleesc - desert - no dessertd - hours - no ours 

1. B2. D3. C4. B5. C6. B7. D8. C9. B10. A11. D12. C13. B14. C15. D16. C17. C and also D18. B (City> Cities)19. D20. B

I think the prize is A. If you ask me, there"s no hobby choose fishing. Due to the fact that In c, it have to be desert because dessert is like ice-cream and cakes. In d, it must be hours since ours is a possessive pronoun. Hours is time. In b, it must be fleas due to the fact that flees is a verb where world run away. Fleas is the parasite dog get. In A, that is perfectly correct!
I"m going to say its A, even though the sentence need to be "If you ask me, there"s no hobby choose fishing."
The sentence that offers the homophone effectively would be B. If you ask me, there"s no hobby favor fishing.
Two or an ext words having actually the very same pronunciation but different interpretations are known as homophones.In the over stated sentence the just sentence in which homophones are used correctly is :A. If you ask me, there"s no hobby favor fishing.
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