Dear avoid It Now!,

My 3 year-old hold his favorite stuffed animal at his lower stomach area, lies on his stomach through his eight under him, and also holds the stuffed pet in place while make copulating motions. He does this off and also on throughout the day and at bedtime. I feel the has come to be a behavior similar to rubbing a blanket, or chewing top top a blanket -- something that feels great and help him go to sleep. Nevertheless, we space at a loss around how to discourage this habits without call his attention to it gift sexual and also making him much more conscious that the behavior. Us don"t think he has actually seen anything inappropriate, yet that the just uncovered that the feels an excellent by accident. Need to we "lose" that specific stuffed animal and also hope the doesn"t pick up a substitute? should we try to speak to him about it, and if so, what should we say?


Dear involved Parent,

It have the right to be uncomfortable for any type of parent to watch your child find that the feels great to rub their genitals, and I’m so happy you’ve reached out to us v your questions. 

Recognizing healthy Sexual BehaviorsIt sounds choose what your boy is doing is age-appropriate, and also at 3 years-old this actions is what we contact ‘self-soothing behavior’ – similar to thumb sucking or, as you said, rubbing a blanket. You’re likewise correct that although this is normal and also healthy, the still deserves a discussion approximately when and also where this activity is appropriate. 

Although i wouldn’t take away his favorite toy, it may be useful to have actually a conversation v him – no to shame him – but rather to redirect his behavior. You have the right to say other like, “I check out that you enjoy rubbing yourself on her stuffed animal. It might feel an excellent to obstacle your dick on Teddy, and also that’s fine, but this is something that is done in private. As soon as you want to rub your genitals on Teddy, you have the right to go in her room and close the door. A personal activity way something we do alone – like as soon as you watch me near the door to the bathroom, you understand I desire privacy. It’s alright if you forget sometimes, because I’m here to repeat you, okay?” you may also want come let your son know that “Teddy” requirements to stay in his bedroom, come reinforce his understanding around what appropriate behavior watch like.

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Safety PlanningThis can likewise be component of a larger conversation around body rules, i beg your pardon would incorporate giving him specific names because that his genitals. Keep the conversation going and also use teachable moment to speak to him around safety. When you’re offering him a bath, ask prior to you to wash his genitals to model consent, and remind that what his body components are called. Take the time to talk to him about healthy touch too – to ensure the he understands how to beat safely, and so he knows what to mean from other human being as well. This help him flourish up with an excellent information roughly privacy, respect, and also appropriate behavior – something we call safety planning. You might be law this in your residence already, and if so, i encourage you to save it up.

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I’ve included some extr helpful resources below:

You may still need to gently remind him about when it’s suitable to touch himself, and also redirect him to a more appropriate behavior when he is in a windy area (like, if you’re the end grocery shopping, or also when you’re just in the life room). If you check out this occurs once he is feeling a details way, you may want to assist him name his emotion and see what other sorts of tasks can assist him relax – favor drawing, running around, or maybe just lying down through the lamp off.

If your son rubs himself to the suggest of hurting himself or if this gets in the means of the enjoying various other activities, climate it would certainly be a great idea to involve his doctor to ensure the there’s nothing walking on physically that is making him uncomfortable.