I just sent the adhering to whats application message to my girlfriend in Guatemala city :

Mi amor! dare amo mucho. Tú eres el amor de mi vida.Does that make feeling in invernessgangshow.net? Or is this the proper means to to speak

mine love! i love friend so much. You are the love of mine life.



I"m indigenous Spain, therefore the language might differ a bit, however "te amo" is pretty lot a superlative kind itself. You can say "te quiero muchísimo", but I think "te amo" has the very same meaning, "te amo mucho" doesn"t make lot sense to me. About the 2nd phrase, omit the "tu".

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¡Mi amor! car amo. Eres el amor de mi vida


¡Mi amor! te quiero muchísimo. Eres el amor de mi vida

But as whole is understandable and correct, she will notice how much you love her :)



That renders sense. In invernessgangshow.net, "muchísimo" and "mucho" depends on how excited you are, being the an initial one the most excited expression.}

I would have actually texted other like... However anyways you"re right.

Mi amor, ¡Te amo muchísimo! ¡Eres el amor de mi vida!


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