We all recognize how essential family is in Italian society. Italian families tend to maintain strong bonds end generations, spending time together and caring for each other.

Let’s start with the pillars of one Italian family: i nonni!

Nonni – grandparents

Nonno – grandfather/grandpa

Nonna – grandmother/grandma

Then come the parents, i genitori, to who children, i figli, often tend to remain very close throughout their resides (taken to the extreme, this may develop i mammoni, mama’s boys).

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Genitori – parents

Padre – father

Papà or Babbo – Dad

Madre – mother

Mamma – Mom/Mum

Figli – children

Figlio – son

Figlia – daughter

Fratello – brother

Sorella – sister

Other relatives include:

Zio – uncle

Zia – aunt

Cugino / Cugina – cousin

Nipote – nephew/niece/grandson/granddaughter; or, offered Italians’ affection for diminutives, nipotino / nipotina

Marito – husband

Moglie – wife

Cognato – brother-in-law

Cognata – sister-in-law

Suocero – father-in-law

Suocera – mother-in-law

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