The Ford expedition of the late 00s and also early 10s were celebrated for your responsive and also comfortable wait suspension systems. However, the lifespan of these systems has actually proven to it is in an issue.For starters, choose all air suspensions, the lifespan of the Ford expedition is limited. The is guaranteed to fail at part point.Let’s check out some of the reasons why this Ford exploration air suspensions fail as frequently as castle do:

The Ford expedition is a big, hefty vehicle.

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This will certainly surprise absolutely no one. The Ford exploration is a substantial car. It is probably part of the reason you purchase it.While a vehicle as large as the exploration is an extremely useful for hauling people and also things, all that extra size means extra weight. The ingredient charged with carrying all that weight is the wait suspension.Weighing in at just under 6,000 pounds, simply keeping the expedition off the floor is a monumental task. Add to the a couple of people and cargo and you room really questioning a most your suspension to start with.The OEM waiting suspension in your car supports every this weight by using rubber waiting bags attached to the struts together opposed to mechanical coils. This functional rubber is prone to gift punctured, take it or simply just rotting out over time. Suppose the original suspension on your expedition to work great until there are indicators of trouble. When those begin, there space a lot much more on the way.

Parts the don’t last

While cars space typically constructed to last, there room several species of components that simply don’t organize up over time.One the these types is a moving part. Components that relocate will rub versus other surface or themselves. This will eventually cause wear and tear and also over time, degrade the component. This is true of almost any component that moves in your car, whether it’s a 360-degree full variety of movement or just just little vibrations end time.Another form of component that is nearly guaranteed come need organization or instead of at some point is an electronic component.If you own a computer or also just a smartphone you know just how quickly modern technology changes. The computer systems of this day will look choose relics in 3 years. For this reason imagine how outdated the tiny computers in an older vehicle must be.In addition, electronic components have lots of tiny and also fine relationships that deserve to slip or weather and wear down easily.The third form of component that will wear the end at some allude is a component made of flexible materials. An example of this is the airbag.The airbags in your exploration are make of a rubber that, while durable, is prone to dry out and also cracking. This is especially true if girlfriend live in an area that gets an extremely cold or experiences drastic temperature shifts.

Unfortunately, the waiting suspension mechanism in your expedition features all three of these types of components. This nearly ensures ultimate failure.


 Air suspensions are facility and interconnected

Can you name all the materials that consist of your exploration air suspension? If not, don’t worry. You’re no alone.Air suspensions basically job-related like this:A ride height sensor installed at each edge takes a reading of just how high the corner is at the wheel. It then sends out that information ago to the control module. This module is a small computer the determines exactly how much air needs to be pushed right into the airbags.Then, it sends out a signal come a compressor to instruct the on just how much air to generate and where to send it. Then the compressor switches on and also pushes that compressed air with pneumatic tubes into the air bags. The air bags climate inflate to suspend the car at the ideal height.It’s a lengthy process. This cycle wake up constantly while the auto is in motion.All of those small components need to be working together in perfect harmony because that the system to function as intended. As you can guess, the likelihood of any kind of one of lock failing at some suggest is very, very high.Furthermore, once one ingredient fails, the others will job-related harder to pick up the slack. This will wear out the rest of the waiting suspension materials even faster.

How to resolve your expedition suspension because that good

On optimal of all of this, maybe the biggest worry with these air suspensions is cost.While instead of an airbag or even something major like the compressor could only run a few hundred dollars, your an initial repair is likely to be adhered to by more. And also soon. Truthfully, when the repairs start with an air suspension, castle don’t yes, really stop. The an outcome is a device that will certainly eventually price you thousands come replace. On a vehicle that can not have actually all that much time left overall, that’s not something many people are willing to spend, leaving them in a serious bind.

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Fortunately for expedition owners, over there is an alternative to the high value and facility air suspension system. You have the right to replace the behind suspension in your Ford expedition EL with sturdy, dependable coils for a little much more than $300.