Removing noþeles in GIMP is easy as soon as you understand the steps… and practice! when planning this GIMP tutorial, I had actually a choice; simple or complex.

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Simple tutorials abound anywhere the net on how to eliminate objects of all kinds. I thought to myself, where the fun in that! So, I chose to create a more challenging type the GIMP modify where you’ll learn exactly how to remove someone indigenous a facility background!

The video clip tutorial over takes around 15 minute to complete. However, the actual modify of removed the subject have the right to be done in 5 minute or less.

You’ll need to first discover the steps, the tools required to accomplish this edit, and again, practice! Step-by-step instructions space located below for those that prefer to read.

If you ready to learn the tools compelled to remove anything in GIMP, let’s perform it!

Table of Contents

Note: the (above) video tutorial was created with GIMP beginner in mind. The complying with step-by-step instructions room for much more experienced users.

Step 1: Download and also Open The Image


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