This guide offers hints and strategies because that earning money quickly in The Sims Freeplay. Her Sims deserve to earn money by having actually a job, gardening, and also baking. Listed below are tips and tricks for each of these activities.

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construct the stadium. The Athlete job is the greatest paying job at its optimal level, because that the least amount the work. Construct Promotions R Us. To buy the soccer ball and have Athlete Sims play v it come get supported faster come the highest salary. Send her Sims to work before you go to sleep. As soon as you wake up up, they"ll be every done and you"ll have money come spend.


Gardening is the most rewarding activity for Sims outside of working. If you have actually the time, Bell Peppers space the most financially rewarding in regards to both money earned and also XP. If you"re just trying to find money, Lettuce will certainly earn friend the many money every hour. Tomatoes, Lettuce, Spinach, Strawberries, and also Eggplant may create Sim-eating plants. Don"t problem - your center won"t get eaten! Sim-eating plants will certainly just hold-up you since you"ll must negotiate through them before they leave.

Corn is one of the best crops that will certainly earn you a same amount the money and also XP per hour. Friend don"t have to inspect on your Sims as generally as Carrots or Bell Peppers, and also you deserve to plant without are afraid of possible Sim-eating tree sprouting. Beans room the best and also safest chop to flourish while you"re resting or in ~ work. Complete the "Money grow on Trees" search (unlocked in ~ Level 7) to thrive Simoleon Sprouts every for this reason often. Planting one lets you play a slot device minigame to knife money.


Baking is less financially rewarding than gardening, but earns an ext XP. An ext expensive stoves perform not diminish baking time. Strangely enough, baking does no count towards the food preparation hobby.

Other means to knife money

motivated Sims earn an ext money and XP. To inspire your Sims, make certain their needs are satisfied. Sims earn an ext money and XP as soon as they"re at their own house. The an ext buildings your town has, the much more money and XP you have the right to collect on the city map. You can watch ads to earn money, XP, LP, and SP. Madness your active tasks on the bottom left, and also check the top left hand corner to view if one is available.
pets will periodically dig up money, XP, and LP. (If friend wait until Level 12, a lost puppy will appear in the park come prompt friend to begin the "A Puppy Odyssey" Quest.) The fishing hobby will periodically cause an event where a fish eats your Sim! insanity the screen to conserve them - and also you could get some extra money, XP, or LP. If you develop the car dealership, you can buy cars for her Sims. When you walk for a drive, music icons will appear over the car. Tap on these because that extra money, XP, and LP.

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If you construct the vain Center, you deserve to have Sims contend to victory money, XP, and LP. Master hobbies to gain the most from this day-long events!