1. Eliminate as much apparel as possible off of the victim for this reason you deserve to expose as much tickle spots together possible

2. Tie them up or restrain them in part way, over there are countless different positions to choose from. (Spread eagle, hog-tied, tied to a chair, tied standing up. Etc.)

3. Acquire any tools you want to assist in your tickling (baby lotion, feathers, brushes, dusters, toothbrushes, etc."

The Torture

How to maximize the torture and fun

1. First start through light sluggish tickling come tease them, climate without warning, walk crazy tickling their most ticklish spot. If that is the sides, tummy, lightly pinch and also run your fingers up and down. Armpits dig your fingertips into their armpits, or do light circles, or wiggle her fingers in your armpits. Feet quickly drag your fingernails up and also down the soles that the feet and also use a feather in in between the toes.

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A more detailed explanation of mine strategy

Start with the feet. Lightly drag your fingernails up and also down the soles looking for the ideal reaction. As soon as you found the finest reaction, tickle roughly the spot because that a tiny bit then tickle the spot there is no mercy. As soon as you've tickled the feet for awhile. The time to relocate onto the top body. Start by easy pinching up and down their sides searching for reactions. When you discovered the finest one tickle there because that a minute or two. Then stop and also wiggle your fingers in your tummy or lightly but quickly traction them all roughly their belly. Then begin at their hands and also lightly drag your fingers under each eight slowly and down to your armpits. Then lightly wiggle her fingers in there and also then you have the right to dig her fingertips in or just make tiny lightly circles through one or two fingers.

And the is how to offer someone a tickle torturethey will never ever forget!

Where are you ticklish?


Melanie rose might Brown on September 30, 2020:

Tickle armpit

A. Sullivan on July 05, 2020:

I am very ticklish through someone utilizing their finger nails in my reduced stomach and also on my reduced back/butt. Ns love to it is in tied or organized down and tickled until I’m fully out of breath. Me and also my friends perform who deserve to last the longest i beg your pardon is whereby you hold on to something above you head favor the head the the bed and the other person tickles you and every 10 secs you last, you victory something. If you ever before meet me understand that ns rly rly rly favor to be tickled.

toronto p3 on may 02, 2020:

I'm like wicked ticklish ~ above the center of my feet ! on the ticklish level of 10 to 15 , I would say fifteen for many of mine tickle point out ! my cousins would certainly tickle me alot , also my friend from institution ! my playful cousin Cole likes to tickle my feet ,pretty shortly we get in a crazy tickle fight

Kid1 ~ above October 08, 2019:

I like once my dad and also mom tickle me everywhere I to be 21 year old daughter who found my step dad was very ticklish almost everywhere when he to be a sleep i tied him come the bed and began tickling him for practically 45 minutes when mom have the right to home I believed I remained in trouble yet she actually thought it was fun and also began help me what room your thoughts on this

Chloe corrigan ~ above July 30, 2019:

I want to be tied down and tickle all over until i die

Dollfan on march 06, 2019:

My toes and belly button are mine worst spots! My various other spots change daily on just how ticklish castle are.

on April 10, 2017:

Are girls far better ticklers than boys? I can bet 100% the boys space better

Cc on June 25, 2015:

Come on and tickle me

F on may 01, 2015:

I want to be tickled tourtured so much

Concerned Parent on December 18, 2014:

I lnow tickling is a the majority of fun , yet young ladys please be cautious . There room a lot of predators the end there that will desire to do an ext then simply tickle u . Wait till u are an adult to feed ur fetishes . Young ladies and also gents , please be aware and be cautious .

Maximum experience ~ above November 02, 2014:

I'm most ticklish on mine tummy, feet and also thighs. I additionally love tickling.

ticklee mee ~ above June 25, 2014:

i live in brazil and i desire so lot to it is in tickle tortured!!! plz ticle meee!!! :D

Bethany on march 02, 2014:

I'm 21 from Tennessee and also I love to be tickled. I have actually no true limits and also I'm ticklish everywhere.

Marissa Grubbs indigenous Norfolk, Virginia on February 19, 2014:

I to be 18 year old girl that is very ticklish especially on my sides. I would certainly love that if someone tickle torture me

David ~ above January 12, 2014:

I am an extremely ticklish everywhere:

Scared1 top top December 23, 2013:

Time to shut under my computer...

Person ~ above October 22, 2013:

I desire to tickle somebody

taylor on may 23, 2013:

i would love come tickle a girl, yet no body asking for the lool

basketballhero (author) ~ above June 26, 2012:

Oh really Helene? Well article me if you want to talk around this stuff much more haha

Helene on June 26, 2012:

In college my gf would certainly tie my hands over my head and lick-tickle my eight pits, breasts, and also worst of every my belly and belly button. I never ever laughed so tough in mine life, and also never to be turned top top so lot at same time.

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coolio26 on might 09, 2012:

i liked the concepts i cant come up through that kind of stuff

Arindam ~ above April 13, 2012:

I am exceptionally ticklish.My entirety body is ticklish.lol..

Alyssa on in march 31, 2012:

I have never been tickled.. LOL

dhshdv on march 01, 2012:

I'm extremly ticklish

garret on February 07, 2012:

and make sure to do that circle thing in mine armpits

Heartbreakers on January 12, 2012:

I am really ticklish 2 particularly my tummy consisting of my sides and also belly button

jessica ~ above October 13, 2011:

im really tickleish in three spots waist sides and feet and also lol the kinda funny despite :)

abby top top June 19, 2011:

tickle me!1!!!!!

Matt ~ above September 25, 2010:

Haha five rly?

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