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We’ve all been there. Well, most of us have, particularly if we have actually kids. We view it every the time, on the earlier seat, on the carpet, a crayon entirely melted in the upholstery. Over there is no very “easy” means to remove the melted crayon stain. In fact, if it is a stain, climate it can be permanent. Hopefully, the stain hasn’t been there so long that that has adjusted the color of the carpet fiber. Here is what we perform to remove the melted crayons.

We use a couple of tools, a heated carpet extractor, a vapor steamer, and also a little knife or even a level tip screwdriver. First, we will usage the knife or flat tip screwdriver. Gently and also carefully scrape far as lot of the melted crayon as you can. Use a Shop-Vac or a continuous vacuum come suck far any loose crayon that can be present. With every little thing melted crayon might still it is in in the carpet or upholstery, we then usage a clean microfiber towel and cover the affected area. We grab ours vapor steamer and also lightly vapor the towel over the optimal of the melted crayon stain. This generally lifts the crayon stain into the microfiber towel. If over there is still a melted crayon stain, we will certainly then usage a very little amount the Goof Off and lightly blot the area. Being mindful not to spread the stain, we will certainly then usage our heated carpet extractor come push hot water listed below the surface ar of the melted crayon, lifting it come the surface and extracting it right into the machine. 99 percent the the time, this technique does the trick. We have had very great luck through this process.

There is really no right, wrong, or perfect means to eliminate a melted crayon stain, yet we wanted to share through you ours methods. The hard part is no making the stain bigger as soon as we usage the steam boat or blot the area with Goof Off. The takes time and patience. After ~ the stain is the end of the vehicle upholstery or carpet, make sure that there are no much more crayons in the car that the youngsters leave behind. (Good luck with that one!)

-Clint Allerton

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