The Dwarven Multi-Cannon is the most powerful ranging maker in the game. The is distinct in the it has actually no ability level demands for use. When normal selection training offers 4 ranged suffer per allude of damage done, the cannon will certainly only offer you 2 points. Additionally, the does not provide you any hitpoint experience. The Dwarven Multi-Cannon might be used after the perfect of the Dwarf Cannon quest.

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The cannon is composed of those 4 parts which you can buy all together or separately.


There are two means to acquire a cannon.1. You have the right to go buy one from the Dwarven engineer, Nulodion. To buy a cannon from Nulodion, friend will must go come the Dwarven mine (north that Falador and just south of ice Mountain). Over there is a little room to the west of the mine entrance where you can talk to Nulodion to acquire your cannon materials. The cannon consists of 4 parts: the cannon base; the cannon stand; the cannon barrel and also the cannon furnace. Each of these parts might be purchased because that either 200k every or 750k for the finish cannon. Below is a snapshot of his store where you have the right to buy the materials and parts separately:


2. You deserve to purchase one from an additional player. When the cannon prices 750,000gp native Nulodion, the street price have the right to be much cheaper.


The Cannon is carried around disassembled and also must it is in reassembled before use. Below is a step by step list of what you must do to collection up and fire her cannon:

Set the base of the cannon downUse the cannon stand through the baseUse the cannon barrels v the baseUse the cannon furnace with the base

Once you have your cannon set up, you have just a couple more procedures to unleash that power:

Use cannon balls v Dwarven multi cannonFire her cannon

The cannon deserve to hold 30 cannon balls at a time. You can reload that at any type of time and also it will continue to fire. If friend let it usage all 30 balls, you should repeat the last 2 steps.Once you are done firing, you simply need to pick up the cannon. Any type of unfired cannonballs are went back to your inventory. Please note that you need four empty inventory slot for the cannon parts.


To make efficient use of her cannon, friend will need plenty of cannonballs.There room 3 main options to gain your cannonballs:

You deserve to make this yourself.Have a friend who desires smithing endure make the balls for you. You provide him the bars. He makes the balls and gives them come you.You can purchase the cannonballs. These differ in price depending on the market.

Note: Cannonballs require level 35 smithing and also are made in ~ a furnace, not using an anvil. Usage a steel bar v the heater while you have the cannonball mould in her inventory. Each stole bar will produce 4 cannon balls. Similar to smelting her ores, you have the alternative to "make x".

There is a vouch on the cannon so if particular things happen to it friend can obtain it replaced. Here is a perform of feasible things that might happen, including if they are covered through the warranty:

Setting up the cannon and going back to gain a new one - Yes, her warranty consist of this. Your old cannon can not be bring away by anyone and it will certainly disappear eventually.Decaying or rusting - Yes, your warranty consist of this. This happens around every 400 cannonballs used. Your cannon will disappear, yet don"t panic! This happens when in a while and also the cannon will certainly be changed for free.Setting that up, forgetting about it, climate logging the end - Yes, if girlfriend forget to pick up her cannon, you"re fine.Trading it away - No, your warranty does not cover this. If this could happen everyone would have actually a cannon and they would certainly be worthless.

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Just be mindful with your cannon and also you should be fine.