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Checking automatic Transmission liquid Level and also ConditionCAUTION: The auto should not be pushed if the fluid level is listed below the bottom feet on the liquid level indicator and also the exterior temperature is above 10°C (50°F). NOTE: Automatic infection fluid increases when warmed. Come obtain an exact fluid level check, drive the vehicle until warmed, around 30 kilometres (20 miles). If your car has to be operated because that an extended period at high speeds, in city traffic, during hot weather, or if pulling a trailer, the vehicle should it is in turned turn off for around 30 minute to enable the fluid to cool prior to checking. Under common circumstances, over there is no need to examine the liquid level the the transmission, because the auto does not usage up infection fluid. However, if the transmission is not functioning correctly, for instance, the transmission might slip or shift slowly, or there may be some sign of liquid leakage, the fluid level must be checked.Fluid Level CheckDrive the car 30 km (20 miles) or till the auto reaches normal operating temperatures.Park the automobile on a level surface and engage the parking brake.With your foot on the brake, start the engine and also move the range selector bar through every the equipment ranges. Allow sufficient time because that each equipment to engage.Place the selection selector in p (park) and leave the engine running.Remove the fluid level indicator and also wipe that clean v a clean cloth.Install the fluid level indicator, making sure that that is completely seated in the filler tube.Remove the liquid level indicator. The liquid should it is in in the designated locations for normal and room temperature.Low liquid Level execute not drive the auto if the fluid level is listed below the hole at the bottom of the fluid level indicator and also the outside temperature is over 10°C (50°F).High liquid Level fluid levels above the safe variety can result in infection failure. An overfill problem of transmission fluid can cause change or engagement concerns, or possible damage. High liquid levels can reason an overheating condition. Watch the vault note.Adding Fluid CAUTION: use of a non-approved automatically transmission liquid can cause internal transmission component damage. An overfill condition of transmission fluid can cause transition or engagement concerns, or possible damage. Before including any fluid, make certain the correct form is used. The type of fluid used is normally indicated top top the liquid level indicator or fluid level indicator handle. If necessary, include fluid in 250 ml (1/2 pint) increments with the filler tube until the level is correct. If an overfill condition occurs, excess fluid should it is in removed.Fluid condition Check NOTE: proof of fluid contamination, breakdown, or incorrect fluid can cause poor transition quality. If the infection fluid condition is suspect, drainpipe the transmission and also replace the liquid with indistinguishable meeting your vehicle specification.

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Make the normal fluid level examine as explained in, liquid Level Check, in this Section.Observe the color and odor that the fluid. It have to be red, not brown or black. Odor have the right to indicate an overheating condition or clutch disc or tape failure.Use a clean, lint-free cloth and wipe the liquid level indicator. Examine the stain for evidence of hard particles and also signs of antifreeze (gum or varnish top top the liquid level indicator).If particles are present in the liquid or over there is evidence of contamination, the transmission drainpipe plug have to be removed and a sample the the liquid filtered v a file filter and also examined. If transmission failure is confirmed by further evidence of coolant or too much particles in the fluid, the transmission need to be totally cleaned and also repaired. This has cleaning and also flushing the speak converter and transmission cooling system. During disassembly and assembly every overhaul checks and adjustments that clearances and end play must be made. After ~ repairing the transmission, all diagnostic tests and adjustments listed in the diagnosis section should be perfect to make certain that the trouble has to be eliminated.
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