Since Mewtwo’s very first debut in Pokemon Red, Blue and also Yellow, us haven’t seen this elusive and powerful Pokemon appear in other games, external of the FireRed and LeafGreen remakes, till Pokemon X and also Pokemon Y.

In enhancement to the two legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and also Yveltal, that players can capture in Pokemon X and also Pokemon Y, Mewtwo is among the legend Pokemon that everyone can capture in the game, and with the ideal Mega Stone, football player can attain its Mega Evolution form in battle. As with in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, catching Mewtwo is not an easy task (unless you have a grasp Ball in hand).

Well, if you have the patience and also the right PokeBall to capture it, here’s wherein to catch Mewtwo:


Catching Mewtwo

1. After beating the upstream Four and becoming the Pokemon Champion, go to the Pokemon town and friend will find that the man blocking the cavern near the height left corner is no longer there.2. Go inside the cave and also you will find Mewtwo through its back versus the door.3. SAVE best NOW!4. Talk to Mewtwo and also you will acquire a cutscene.5. Be all set to hit it!


Moves:-Recover-Barrier-Aura Sphere-Psychic


Your solitary worst enemy in this hit is going to be the relocate Recover. Mewtwo will constantly use it and erase the wellness you whittle away. Ultimately he will run out of PP if friend last long enough, but it is quite an annoyance. Shot to use something prefer Thunder Wave early on in the hit to acquire Mewtwo paralyzed, so over there is a chance he will not be able to assault on some turns. A move like False Swipe is probably not precious trying below with Mewtwo recovering as regularly as the is. Girlfriend may also want to stop using poison or Fighting varieties as Mewtwo will ruin them really easily.

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Due to being in a cave, her go-to poke Ball need to be the Dusk sphere as the will provide you a 3.5x multiplier.

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As you acquire deeper in the battle, you should try and usage Timer Balls together it is based upon how many turns you have actually been going for a max the 4x multiplier. This is the sphere that eventually captured Mewtwo because that me.

As shortly as you catch Mewtwo, you will get a Mewtwonite Item depending what version of video game you have.