Route 3 Area¶

We’ve still acquired a the majority of ground come cover. From path 2, continue onwards to route 3. Don’t hesitate to use Tauros charge to get around quicker. Head every the way towards the enntrance gate to Melemele Meadow, ideally follow me the upper path, where the trainers were.

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Between the entrance and Ace Trainer Makana through the bridge, friend can find a Zygarde cell (11) if it’s at this time day . Native the north side of the bridge, head east towards the guy who offered you the shell Bell. Smash v the rocks up front to retrieve TM83 Infestation .

Cross the bridge south and keep going till you with the bottom the the slope. Possibly you noticed it along the way, head north from the right side the the slope to pick up a Zygarde cell (12) hiding next to the tree. Finally, leave Route 3 to the south.

Route 1 Area¶

We’re acquiring there! no quite close to the end, but still… First, head west ago to Iki Town. As soon as there, go all the way to the earlier of town. At the enntrance gate to Mahalo Trail, girlfriend can uncover a Zygarde cabinet (3) snuggling come the right, between a tree and also a man.

Next, enter Hala’s home to the west. Run past Hala and swing open up the upper-most door follow me the eastern side. Simply ahead, girlfriend should conveniently spot Zygarde core (2) at the balcony. This one teaches Zygarde the destructive move thousands Arrows.


Leave Iki Town ago to route 1 and head in the direction of the crossroad a brief distance east, whereby the Trainer Tips sign is. Native here, smash through the rocks to the south using her buddy Tauros to find a brand brand-new path. Here, make your way south-west to pick up a Nest Ball .

Next, travel eastern along the upper path, wherein there’s high grass. ~ hopping end the ledge, take the Nugget in the corner, climate leap over the ledge come the south. By the way, the Trainer Tips sign here likewise hints where we’ll it is in visiting very soon…

Before the though, lug on east, over the ledge. If it’s day , girlfriend can discover a Zygarde cell (2) alongside the tree to the north of whereby you landed. One of two people way, that’s around it for this brand-new path, return you’re cost-free to comb the high grass for new Pokemon.

To leaving the path, continue east, through the tall grass and over the ledges. You’ll arrive back on the path you went to at the an extremely start that the game. If it’s day time, monitor the path back to the crossroad before you smashed with the rocks.

Pokémon meet - path 1 clogged By Rocks¶

NameTypes(s)Location (Encounter Rate)
CaterpieBugSouth that Iki town blocked through rocks (10%)
MetapodBugSouth that Iki town blocked through rocks (10%)
Rattata*Dark/NormalSouth of Iki city blocked by rocks (30%, Night only)
LedybaBug/FlyingSouth of Iki town blocked through rocks (10%, day only)
SpinarakBug/PoisonSouth that Iki city blocked by rocks (10%, Night only)
BonslyRockSouth that Iki town blocked by rocks (15%)
MunchlaxNormalSouth that Iki town blocked by rocks (5%)
PikipekNormal/FlyingSouth of Iki city blocked by rocks (20%)
YungoosNormalSouth the Iki town blocked through rocks (30%, work only)
SudowoodoRock(SOS only) possible ally Pokemon for Bonsly
SnorlaxNormal(SOS only) possible ally Pokemon for Munchlax
HappinyNormal(SOS only) possible ally Pokemon because that Bonsly or Munchlax

*** suggests Alolan form.**

From there, monitor the route east, from over the wood fence. Store going till you reach the tall grass, below Youngster Jimmy. Above the grass, wherein the wood fence meets the hill is a Zygarde cabinet (1) . You won’t watch it throughout night time though.

Finally, make your method back home, by travel in a southerly direction. Inside her room, there’s a Zygarde main point (1) between your desk and your bed. Um, was that always there? This one teaches extreme Speed come Zygarde; a strength Normal-type priority move.

Just two an ext things! If it’s night , head west to the Trainers’ School. Inside the college building, ~ above the ground floor, there’s a Zygarde cabinet (5) sleeping in the starry patterned mat in the beat area. Huh, these males sure know just how to relax, while us painstakingly try to conference them!

Last thing! sort of… From her house, head south towards Kukui’s Lab. Do for the east side the the building, when on the beach, to stumble throughout a Zygarde cabinet (4) . That’s everything for now. Relocating on, we’ve acquired a whole brand-new area come explore!

From the laboratory head south-west towards the high grass. Beyond, you deserve to use Tauros fee to smash previous the rocks, revealing the entrance to Ten Carat Hill. Now this really is the start of the end!

Note: Pokemon Checklist

Along the path that requires Tauros fee to access, you can find some rarely Pokemon. That the lot, Munchlax is probably the just one worth using, together it evolves right into the formidable Snorlax. Normal-types aren’t that an excellent though, since they aren’t super-effective against anything.

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Another reason to find for Munchlax is to acquire your hand on its held item, Leftovers. Once a Pokemon has actually it, they gradually recover wellness each turn. Perfect because that defensive-oriented Pokemon.