I always sing How lot Is that Doggie In The Window? to my dogs. Mine grandma used to song it to united state all the time, however I might never mental the words. Ns was surprised that it was recorded ago in 1953 which is means before i was born.

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Does everyone remember it?

I always wanted to train mine dog come bark at the best time……it never ever happened!

The dogs seem to choose the tune, they constantly get excited when they hear it.

How much Is that Doggy in the Window?

Here space the text to How much Is that Doggie In the Window?

Written through Bob Merrill and performed by Patti Page

It was released in jan 1953

“How much is that doggie in the window 

The one with the waggly tail

How much is that doggie in the window

 I do hope the doggie’s for sale

I should take a pilgrimage to California

And leave my negative sweetheart alone

If he has a dog that won’t it is in lonesome

And the doggie will have a an excellent home

How lot is that doggie in the window

 The one through the waggly tail

How lot is the doggie in the window 

I carry out hope that doggie’s because that sale

I review in the documents there space robbers 

With flashlights the shine in the dark

My love demands a doggie to defend him

And fear them away v one bark

I don’t desire a rabbit or a kitty

I don’t desire a parrot that talks

I don’t desire a key of little fishes

You can’t take it a goldfish because that walks

How lot is the doggie in the window

 The one v the waggly tail

How much is that doggie in the window 

I perform hope that doggie’s because that sale

However, back the words room meant to be endearing it really goes versus everything we believe in together dog lovers. The singer Patti page felt precisely the same and recorded an alternative set of lyrics which are displayed below.

I am so glad that Patti Page realised that the text to this renowned song space not as innocent as castle seem. In fact, the indigenous glorify the horrifying profession of puppy farming.

Therefore, in 2009 she taped an alternative collection of lyrics called Do You see That Doggie in the Shelter? to to mark the plight of homeless dogs.

The new version was composed by kris Gantry.



*Humane culture of the united States

The expression “How lot is the doggie in the window?” appeared innocent enough in 1953, but in modern times that has end up being synonymous through the trade in puppies from pet shops, frequently originating in puppy mills.<8><9>

In 2009, Patti page recorded a variation of the tune with a brand-new title (“Do You watch That Doggie in the Shelter“) together with new lyrics by chris Gantry, through the wishes of emphasizing the adoption of homeless pets from animal shelters.

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<10> The civil liberties to that track were given solely to the Humane society of the joined States. Claimed Page:

“The initial song asks the question: ‘How much is that doggie in the window?’ Today, the answer is ‘too much.’ and also I don’t just mean the price tags on the puppies in pet stores. The real cost is in the experiencing of the mom dogs earlier at the puppy mill. That’s where most pet store puppies come from. And also that sort of cruelty is as well high a price come pay.”

Upon Page’s death in 2011, the Humane culture wrote in its online eulogy, “We remember she fondly for she compassion for animals.”

“Do You view That Doggie in the Shelter”

Do you see that doggie in the shelterthe one with the take me home eyesIf you give him your love and also attentionhe will be your ideal friend because that life

In every town and city throughout the nation,there’s so countless dogs through no homeHungry with no one to protect themlost in this human being all alone

(repeat chorus)

Collies and also beagles by the roadsidepuppies and dogs in the streetOnce they are rescued by a shelterthey’ll ultimately get something to eat

Doggies and also kitties who room homelesswith sad eyes and also tails hanging downLet’s carry out what we can to present them kindnessand permit them recognize that they’ve to be found

(repeat chorus)

The rights to the recently recorded “Do You check out That Doggie in the Shelter” have actually been donated come The Humane society of the joined States* since of the sacrament of everyone connected in the project. We owe a big thank you come Patti web page for the talent that made the an initial version a classic and will do the brand-new version an anthem for shelter pets;

I had subconsciously been singing a track that goes against all my beliefs. Therefore I to be so glad the my research carried me come this new version. Ns hope the Humane Society’s work-related continues and the strong, brand-new message is heard.