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You must have actually heard around the commemorated singer, Kellie Dawn Pickler, who debuted in the music competition, ‘American Idol’ of the year 2005, in ~ the age of 17. If you are a fan of western music, Kellie must have impressed you. Though she was no the champion the American Idol 2005, Kellie won many hearts all roughly the nation with she music.

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However, Kellie Pickler is not simply a nation music singer. She is an actor, songwriter, and television personality as well.

The highest allude of her career was reached through her very first studio album called the ‘Small town Road’, whereby an ext than one million duplicates of the album to be purchased by the general public in mere 4 months of that release and became the very first gold-certified task of this singer. As of 2021, Kellie Pickler net worth is of $8 million.

Kellie Pickler network Worth and also Overview

We have made an overview of the most necessary details around this well-rounded celebrity, giving you a possibility to obtain to know a little much more about her.

Net Worth$8 million
Date the Birth28 June 1986
Age34 years old
Height153.7 cm or 5’ 2”
Source of WealthSinging, Songwriting, Acting
Country of OriginUnited says of America
Last UpdatedMay 2021

Early Life

Kellie Pickler involved this people on 28 June of the year 1986. She to be born in Albemarle, north Carolina, in the United claims of America. She had struggled in her childhood and early life as result of family problems.

At the period of two, Kellie was abandoned by she mother, Cynthia Morton. Top top the other hand, her father was fairly in and out that the prison and hence, never ever stayed about Kellie during her childhood. The celebrity’s grandparents, Clyde and also Faye, raised her.

Kellie Pickler completed her high college graduation in 2004 from the north Stanly High School. As soon as she participated in the American Idol, in ~ the period of seventeen, she grew significantly in terms of her career.


Kellie Pickler participated in a tv talent show in 2005 in Charlotte, wherein she to be the runner’s up. Furthermore, she go on to victory the beauty contest called miss out on Stanly County. However, she was unsuccessful in ending up being Miss north Carolina in 2004.

During the fall of 2005, Kellie Pickler auditioned in Greensboro, north Carolina to do it to the 6th season that the music competition, American Idol. She do it to the finale that year however was unsuccessful to win the competition.

However, the display gave she the ideal platform to come to be known to the people with her voice. She was celebrated for her ‘sweet southerly style and ditzy demeanor’ v the UK Weekly.

In July 2016, 19 recordings, i beg your pardon is a part of the BNA Records, signed the singer for the debut record contract. She then started working top top her first album. In ~ this time, she was also component of the American Idol Pop-Tarts, that traveled to the different cities.

Upon the first release the a single, ‘Red High Heels’, in September 2016, Kellie’s song obtained the 15th position on the Billboard’s county Charts.

A month after ~ that, the debut album of the artist, ‘Small town Girl was released and made it come the very first position on the Billboard’s top County Albums charts, and also 9th ~ above the Billboard’s peak 200 all-genre chart. She eventually got the gold certification for this as well.

Kellie Pickler’s debut album continued to be at the optimal of the charts for rather some time, earning her gold acknowledgment from RIAA within five months of its release.

Furthermore, with the first studio project, Kellie Pickler could make around $50,000 within a few months. We saw her for the an initial time on television as an gibbs in the early months the 2007, as soon as she additionally co-hosted the alphabet talk show, The View.

The recent album of Kellie Pickler, “The Woman ns Am”, come out in November 2013. Right before that, she and her companion Derek Hough, child of the “Dancing v the Stars” show’s seventeenth season with their spectacular performances.

In so late 2015, the celebrity go on to begin her tv series, ‘I Love Kellie Pickler’ on the CMT Network. Though it was not a portable show, the ran because that three periods till October 2017.

After that, in 2017, Kellie began her first talk show, ‘Pickler and also Ben’ with Ben Aaron, i beg your pardon finished with 261 episodes as of may 2019.

Highlights & Achievements

The artist obtained 4 awards because that the tune ‘I Wonder’. She was additionally the winner of the CMT Music Award for Breakthrough video clip of the Year, СМТ Мuѕіс Аwаrd fоr Теаrјеrkеr Vіdео оf Тhе Yеаr, СМТ Мuѕіс Аwаrd fоr Реrfоrmаnсе оf Тhе Yеаr, аnd thе Аmеrісаn Ѕосіеtу оf Соmроѕеrѕ, Аuthоrѕ, аnd Рublіѕhеrѕ Ѕоngwrіtеr Аwаrd.

On optimal of that, Kellie Pickler additionally won the thе Аmеrісаn Ѕосіеtу оf Соmроѕеrѕ, Аuthоrѕ, аnd Рublіѕhеrѕ Ѕоngwrіtеr Аwаrd for her ‘Best work of your Life’’ and also ‘Red High Heels’.

Age, Height, and also Weight

The 34-year-old artist is 5 feet 2 customs in height and also 42 kilograms in regards to weight.

Personal Life

Kellie Pickler is married come the singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Kyle Jacobs since 2011. She, however, has actually publicly claimed that she walk not desire to become a mother. Prior to the marriage, Kellie Pickler remained in a relationship with the celebrated hockey player, Jordin Tootoo.

Kellie came to be vegan in recent years, donated she hair come a friend who was experiencing from breast cancer. She is also known for she philanthropic nature and donations to numerous NGOs.

She has actually recently to buy a home in Nashville with 4 bedrooms and 4 and a fifty percent bathrooms. The home is positioned over a 0.46-acre plot and is approximately 4,865 feet in size.

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Kellie Pickler network Worth in 2021

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Kellie Pickler network worth now is $8 million, is one empowered artist and personality in the industry today. Her versatility has earn her many accolades and appreciations. She has been dealing with her struggles valiantly and aspiring to achieve more every day.

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