Retail prices for cocaine can vary follow to location, drug purity levels, and also drug source. Even greater than the expense of the medicine itself is the cost of living v addiction, i beg your pardon can affect individuals, families, and wider society.

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On average, powdered cocaine will certainly cost between $93 come $163 per gram of flour cocaine. A solitary gram yields in between 10 to 20 uses.

Cocaine have the right to come in the form of a white flour or absent crystal. It is most regularly snorted, injected, smoked, or rubbed ~ above the gums.

Substance abuse and also addiction can come to be costly end time. Cocaine abuse can end up being expensive in part because most civilization who usage cocaine use a the majority of it within a short home window of time.

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Cost of Powdered Cocaine ~ above The Street

Average cost: in between $93 come $163 per gram of powder cocaine.

A typical “line” the cocaine is around 50 milligrams.

Though a single gram the cocaine can develop 10 come 20 lines, how long this big someone depends on how much cocaine castle use and also how often.

How lot Does crack Cocaine expense On The Street?

Crack cocaine, or crack, describes the solid form of cocaine.

Average cost: about $60 every gram of crack cocaine.

Compared come powdered develops of cocaine, crack is less expensive to buy in the unified States.

What components Can affect The cost Of Cocaine?

Not all batches the cocaine price the same. End time, the price of cocaine has adjusted in accordance with demand, and also factors related to manufacturing and also distribution.

Factors that can influence cocaine prices include:

drug puritylocationdrug source

Drug Purity

The mean gram purity of cocaine can influence the mean retail cost. Batches that are impure, or combined with a range of adulterants or diluents, might be cheaper in cost.

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Cocaine that has a greater purity will be an ext potent than coke that has actually been diluted or mixed with adulterants such together flour, powdered milk, or talcum powder.

Cocaine is additionally sometimes combined with other drugs, consisting of MDMA/ecstasy and also opioids prefer heroin and also fentanyl.


The U.S. Drug Enforcement management (DEA) reports the an estimated 90 percent that imported cocaine comes from Colombia.

Street prices for cocaine and freebase (crack) cocaine can vary relying on where the drug has actually come from and also where girlfriend live in the unified States—i.e. ~ above the east coast in brand-new York, or top top the west coast in states like Washington or California.

Drug dealers might offer varying rates for cocaine based on their very own supply, demand, and purity.

Have Cocaine prices Gone Up throughout The Coronavirus Pandemic?

According come a report from the joined Nations, there are many countries that have reported medicine shortages at the street level. This has actually led to higher stockpiling of drugs.

Cocaine production has been complex by components related to the pandemic, such as lockdown measures and routes of drug trafficking—e.g. By air, land, or sea.

For part countries, this has transformed the production and also distribution the cocaine.

However, over there is also evidence to suggest that the growing of coca plants, and therefore the medicine cocaine, may increase post-pandemic.

Finding therapy For Cocaine Addiction

If girlfriend or who you know is abusing cocaine, it’s never ever too shortly or as well late to look for help.

There are many inpatient and outpatient rehab alternatives to assist people begin the roadway towards lifelong addiction recovery.

For more information about cocaine addiction treatment options and just how to find a treatment facility close to you, contact our helpline today.

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