Designer man Flanagan created Washington silver quarter as a turn commemorative, and its minting started in 1932. However, it became a regular issue coin 2 years later, and the united state Mint retained minting it till 1964.

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Three mints from Philadelphia, san Francisco, and Denver created this coin in 1941. The particular 1941 Washington silver quarter value depends on the mint where it to be made and its present condition. The is fantastic piece for any collector, consisting of novices with a limited budget.

Washington Silver 4 minutes 1 History


John Flanagan draft the Washington silver- quarter, the first American turn commemorative coin. This piece is additionally attractive due to the fact that it was the second regular-issue us coin through a famed American top top the obverse.

The design chosen from 97 others contained the George Washington portrait based on the president statue Jean Antoine Houdon created.

1941 Washington silver quarter

Philadelphia1941 proof15,287$300
San Francisco1941 S16,080,000$8
Denver1941 D16,714,800$10

Its minting began in 1932 to respect George Washington’s birth bicentennial and also was claimed to be a one-year turn around coin. It was a beautiful means to mental February 22, 1732, as soon as the beloved American President was born.

1941 Washington silver- quarter

Face value25 cents ($$0.25)
Silver bullion value$4.2
Compound90% silver and also 10% copper
Coin weight0.20094 troy ounces (6.25 g)
Silver weight0.18084 trojan ounces (5.6 g)
Coin diameter0.95512 inches (24.26 mm)
Coin thickness0.06890 inch (1.75 mm)

The us Mint didn’t develop this coin in 1933 as result of the depression. However, the production continued in 1934 and also lasted till 1964, making this quarter among the longest-running draft of us coinage.

Since the coin has 90% silver, the is a risk-free investment. Also those in the worst condition will be worth as much as silver- they room made of.

Washington Silver quarter Look


The designer developed this coin in honor of George Washington, one of the Founder Fathers and the very first President that the us from 1789 come 1797. You deserve to see his portrait facing left, accompanied by:

The motto IN GOD we TRUSTThe lettering LIBERTY1941, the year the minting


You deserve to see an eagle with spread wings top top the reverse. It stands on an arrow’s shaft over two olive sprays and is surrounded with:

The motto E PLURIBUS UNUMThe lettering UNITED says OF AMERICAThe confront value 4 minutes 1 DOLLAR

Coins minted in various other mints other than Philadelphia have actually a mint note S or D at the bottom, over the word QUARTER.

1941 Washington Silver quarter Types

After the united state entered human being War II, the Washington silver soldier production significantly increased in 1941 and also reached over 100 million, i beg your pardon is considerably much more than in vault years.

1941 Washington silver quarter worth by USA Coin book
Quality19411941 S1941 D
Very good$6$6$6
Very fine$6$6$6
Extra fine$6.5$7$7
About uncirculated$7$10.5$12
MS 60$9.2$32$37
MS 65$51$79$79
PR 65$157//

In 1941, 3 US mints developed Washington silver quarters, including:

Philadelphia produced Washington silver soldier without a details mint mark and also proof coinsSan Francisco produced Washington silver- quarters with an S mint markDenver produced Washington silver quarters v a D mint mark

1941 Washington silver quarter without a mint mark

The Philadelphia mint developed 79,032,000 of these coins in ~ the really beginning of WWII. Since the new quarter overflooded circulation, it conveniently crowded out older coins still in circulation at the time.

1941 Washington silver quarter value by JM Bullion
YearExtra fine qualityUncirculated quality
1941 S$8$11
1941 D$8$13

Given your number, much of which has actually survived to this day, 1941 Washington silver soldier are thought about common. In various other words, you can buy a item for only $6 to $50, depending on its condition.

1941 evidence Washington silver- quarter

The 1941 proof Washington silver 4 minutes 1 is not specifically rare. The Philadelphia mint developed 15,287 of these coins, and many survived until today. Friend can get such a beautiful coin for just $300.

1941 proof Washington silver quarter by Greysheet
PR 60$54 to $65
PR 61$61 come $73
PR 62$68 to $81
PR 63$81 come $97
PR 64$94 to $113
PR 65$108 to $130
PR 66$128 to $148
PR 67$214 to $247
PR 68$4,380 to $5,000

1941 S Washington silver- quarter

The 1941 S Washington silver quarter created in san Francisco is a little bit scarce in Gem condition. That reality increases its value, therefore most professionals recommend cherry-picking when in search of this certain coin.

1941 Washington silver quarter worth by CoinStudy
GoodFineExtra fineUncirculated
1941 S$4$4$4.8$22
1941 D$4$4$4.8$26

Nowadays, friend can find this coin for only $8, however some pieces are precious. A few rare ms 67 coins space worth at the very least $300 come $400, but a few perfect pieces got to a price of thousands dollars.

1941 D Washington silver quarter

The moderate scarcity the the 1941 D Washington silver quarter renders it one attractive and an useful addition to the series most collectors desire.

1941 Washington silver 4 minutes 1 value through Hobbizine
Quality19411941 S1941 D
Very good$8.3$8.3$8.3
Very fine$8.8$8.8$8.8
Extra fine$9$9$9
Brilliant uncirculated$38$71$71

Plus, it is one affordable alternative for both novices and collectors on the budget due to the fact that you can get an typical piece for $8 come $22. However, one auction price for the ms 67 pieces minted in Denver is often around $600 come $700.

1941 Washington Silver 4 minutes 1 Grading

Uncirculated 1941 Washington silver- quarter

Since this Washington silver quarter was never ever released in circulation, that still looks untouched, favor in a time the minting. You can see retained bright luster and the lack of any signs of wear. The coins collectors always look for such a specimen, for this reason it always reaches the highest possible price ~ above the coin market.

1941 Washington silver quarter value by Coinflation
GoodFineExtra fineUncirculated
1941$3.5 to $3.75$3.75 to $4$5 come $5.25$5.5+
1941 S$3.5 come $3.75$3.75 to $4$5 come $5.25$22+
1941 D$3.5 to $3.75$3.75 come $4$5 come $5.25$22+

Extra good 1941 Washington silver- quarter

The exceptionally fine Washington silver quarter has slight proof of circulation, yet you can’t notice significant wear traces. The President’s hair has actually probably shed fine details, and also his neck and cheeks are a bit smooth. Close investigate will also show light imperfections and also scratches.

1941 Washington silver quarter value by Numista
Quality19411941 S1941 D
Very good$3.8$3$3.25
Very fine$4$4.2$4.5
Extra fine$3.4$6/
About uncirculated$5//

Fine 1941 Washington silver- quarter

Delicate details top top the well Washington silver quarter are considerably flattened and worn out, particularly the area roughly the President’s ear. However, girlfriend won’t have any trouble seeing the imagery and feeling the coin’s texture.

1941 Washington silver quarter by Greysheet
Quality1941 S1941 D
Very good$5.93$5.93
Very fine$5.93$5.93
Extra fine$5.93$9.45 to $12.96
About uncirculated$8.78 come $11.34$14.85 come $29.16
MS 60$9.79 come $11.75$47.25 come $57
MS 61$10.13 to $12.15$49.95 come $60
MS 62$11.81 to $14.18$53 come $63
MS 63$13.5 to 18.9$58 to $70
MS 64$20.25 to $27$65 to $78
MS 65$33.75 to $47.25$73 come $87
MS 66$68 come $88$115 come $133
MS 67$338 come $390$585 come $715

Good 1941 Washington silver quarter

In this case, the coin is damaged after being in circulation for a long. Washington’s challenge is smooth yet with remained essential details. You deserve to recognize a well-defined rim, however it is often merged into the date and lettering. The worst specimens can be chipped or bent.

Key dates and Rarities

Unfortunately, you can’t find any rarities of unique crucial dates among Washington silver quarters produced in 1941. The only way to determine their value is by the condition and also demand ~ above the coin market.

Since these coins are pretty common and readily available, you have the right to buy one in mint problem for one affordable price. Keep in mind that well-circulated coins are often worn out, however they are still worth money, thanks to silver- content.

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1941 Washington silver 4 minutes 1 was a regular worry coin v the starting Father George Washington ~ above its obverse and an eagle top top the reverse. This coin is frequently not also expensive, make it terrific option because that collectors ~ above the budget and also novices.