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I"m walk to have to take off approx 3" off the bottom of 4 hollow main point doors due to a short ceiling height. How much solid material is frequently in the bottom the HC doors?Thanks,Dustin
About 1.25". Girlfriend can cut them down and also glue in a slug. If you room bored you have the right to clean turn off the cut out section and also glue the in. You will certainly void your warranty one of two people way. I have actually done this because that over 10 years without any issues.
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I would certainly say you can only take about one customs off, anything an ext and friend definatlly need to replace the "inereds". I have just finished hanging 6 6-panel hollow cores, and also each doorway a various height. Measured castle one day, and came back to perform the task 5 days later on after i had cut all the doors in ~ the shop, painted etc. And also I didn"t look good enough ~ above the estimate, but the HO floors were much from level, (4 inchs out on part coming increase from the doorways) so I had to re-cut, and re-hang them. (Only opened until they struggle the un-even floor)That was fun!(Always learning)Don"t stroked nerves cleaning up the old core, just rip a new piece of lumber to size. Small bit of adhesive 30 mins to set and done.
Take turn off what ever you need simply brace the bottom the the door the method it was before and also you will be fine.
My suffer is the same as every the above, the just thing I"ll add is the you might haveto dig out some weird cardboard/plastic baffles that space in over there to acquire the brand-new base in.
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Thanks because that the info. I"ve cut HC doors before but it to be 1/2-3/4" in ~ the most, haven"t excellent 3" before.
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