14Aluminum has 13 protons27 stands for mass number (number of neutrons and also protons combined)27 - 13 = 1414 neutrons 

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To uncover out the neutron variety of an aspect we must an initial know what the mass worth of that facet is and the value of the atom variety of that element. To discover out this values, simply look because that the aspect in the routine table. Once uncovered simply subtract the values using the formula:

No. Of neutrons = mass - atom number.

In the case of Cr, the mass is 54, when the atom number is 24. So we can find the number of neutrons.

Cr neutron = 54-24 = 30

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One atom of 20 F has 11 neutrons

Further ExplanationAn atomAn atom is the smallest bit of an facet that can take part in a chemical reaction. One atom is made up of sub-atomic particles; neutrons, protons and also electrons. ProtonsProtons room subatomic particles the are discovered in the cell core of an atom. They space positively charged. Through a charge of +1.The number of protons differ from one facet to another and also thus offered as the atomic variety of an separation, personal, instance element.The cell core of an atom is positively charged due to the positive charge the the protons. Additionally, protons do not take component in chemistry reactions but in atom reactions.Neutrons They room sub-atomic corpuscle in one atom the are found in the cell core of one atom. They have actually a zero charge or no charge.Neutrons are slightly heavier 보다 protons.The variety of protons and also neutrons in a cell nucleus of one atom outcomes to the atomic mass variety of an atom. Choose protons they just take part in atom reactions.Electrons lock are discovered orbiting the cell nucleus on energy shells based on Clouds’ theory. Electrons space negatively fee each v a fee of -1.The variety of electrons and protons in a neutral atom room equal. Furthermore they have actually the the very least mass that the three sub-atomic particles.Electrons room the just sub-atomic particles that take component in chemical reactions.Atomic numberAtomic number describes the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. The atomic number of fluorine is 9, because it has actually 9 protons in that nucleus.Mass numberMass number describes the sum of protons and also neutrons in the cell core of an atom.Mass number = proton + neutrons

Therefore; 20 F has a mass number of fluorine.

Neutrons = mass number - protons

= 20 - 9

= 11

Therefore; 20 F has 11 neutrons

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