Spinach dip is the perfect no-guilt appetizer. Delicious and also full of healthy vegetables!

Spinach Dip is an appetizer classic! This basic dip recipe is teaming v flavor and chock complete of healthy and balanced vegetables.Take a couple of minutes come learn how to do spinach dip, then servewith our homemade beer bread, orcracker recipe! as soon as you’ve conquered this one, be sure to try out our buffalo chicken dip!


Spinach Dip

Spinach Dip, Ingredients

Mayonnaise – I use a mayo made v olive oil, but any type of mayonnaise will do.

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Vegetable cooking recipes Mix – Mix packets like this room the can be fried time hack. No measuring of certain ingredients, simply quick and also easy yumminess! (We favor the Knorr brand, commonly found close to the onion soup mix, but use everything brand girlfriend prefer!).Spinach – We usage frozen chopped spinach because that this recipe. Make sure it’s well chopped! You might need to cut it up a bit an ext even if you purchase a parcel that claims chopped ~ above it.Sour Cream –You could substitute part low fat plain yogurt if you room watching fat intake.Red Onion –Onion to add that little punch that brings the dip come the following level!Red Bell Pepper –Chop this finely and the adds a pretty popular music of color and flavor to the dip.Celery – You understand you can’t to win the crunch of celery! as soon as your bites are small, the texture adds come the appeal.Water Chestnuts –A how amazing ingredient that, again, add to taste and texture. Water chestnuts are good because they constantly stay crispy.

How carry out you make Spinach Dip?

First, prep her spinach by squeezing out all the water.

Then, chop her veggies!

Next, integrate all the ingredient well and chill in fridge.

Finally, offer cold for dipping veggies, crackers, or bread.



It’s quite to have actually something the you deserve to whip together conveniently for critical minute guests. Part spinach in the freezer, some vegetable mix in the cupboard, and some vegetables in the refrigerator drawer, and also you’re every set!

How lengthy will homemade spinach dip last?

Your dip should last 3-4 work in the refrigerator; it’s vital that you keep it cool at all times.

How long deserve to spinach emboldened sit out?

Spinach dip deserve to sit the end for no much more than two hrs at room temperature. You could nestle the in a bowl of ice to save it cool if you need it the end for a longer duration of time.

Can you make spinach dip front of time?

You deserve to make the dip ahead of time. Just remember that it will last around 3 job in the refrigerator so don’t be also proactive!


Leftovers and also storage

Can i freeze spinach dip?

You need to not frozen spinach dip. Freeze is not recommended, together the mayo and also sour cream might separate and also leave you with a watery, grainy dip.

Can I usage fresh spinach in spinach dip?

You deserve to use new spinach in a this dip! It requires a bit much more work, but is delicious as well.Cook the fresh spinach because that 3-4 minutes in a tiny olive oil till it’s cooked down, climate drain and squeeze the end extra water and also use in location of frozen.

Can you offer spinach emboldened hot?

You deserve to serve spinach dive hot. Girlfriend can change the recipe by including some Parmesan cheese into the dip and also popping it in the oven.


What execute you eat spinach dive with? (Serving Suggestions)

The ideal dips deserve the ideal to dip with! right here are a couple of links to acquire you started.


Is spinach dive healthy?

Spinach emboldened is not considered a healthy food by most people since of the high fat.You will most likely only eat a few spoonfuls together an appetizer therefore it deserve to fit into countless diets. Be certain to fill it up with healthy and balanced chopped veggies as well!

Is spinach dip keto?

This cooking recipes is keto in the it is high in fat and low carb. Keep in mind that you would desire to spread out your emboldened on vegies, no breads.

Is spinach emboldened gluten free?

Spinach emboldened is generally gluten free, however do check the vegetables mix you pick to be sure that that is gluten free.Like through keto diets, those who desire a gluten cost-free appetizer should choose to dip through vegetables, not breads (unless the breads or crackers room gluten free).

Is spinach dip low carb?

It is low carb, and the carbs in it room from vegetables which are high in fiber.

Is spinach dip vegan?

Spinach emboldened is not vegan because of the egg in the mayo, and the dairy product products. You might substitute vegetable mayonnaise and also non-dairy tart cream to change it come a vegetables recipe.

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