Have you ever watched a lacrosse game and also wondered just how long it would take? Some gamings – particularly if you watch them on tv – it seems ~ to take it forever come finish. Now, this is perfectly typical if you’re watching a replay and all the shots have been spliced up for heralding purposes.

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But the actual video game itself though? that takes simply 60 minutes to play, but that’s not a straight hour and that’s just the really game. If you’re going to clock lacrosse ~ above live TV (or be lucky sufficient to be appropriate there top top the sidelines), climate you’d realize that a the majority of things walk on in-between the game.

Who plays 60 minutes of Lacrosse?


The 60 minutes’ worth of field game is minimal to university and significant League lacrosse. Because that high college lacrosse games and those including kids, the length of the game can it is in much shorter and would often be adjusted depending top top the power level that the players. 

What about the Quarters?

You’ll listen this regularly in basketball – first quarter, 2nd quarter, and so on. Lacrosse is pretty lot the exact same in that 60 minute is split equally right into four. It is 15 minutes every quarter. Again, no all lacrosse games run because that 60 minutes. So stop say the high institution lacrosse games only operation for 48 minutes. This duration will be separated evenly right into four, which way that each quarter is 12 minute long.

Can the moment pause throughout the game?


Yes, and there room several instances when the video game will struggle “pause”. This happens once the round goes turn off field, the team calls for a time out, and breaks in between each quarter. 

The sphere Goes turn off Field

Let’s say you’re watching lacrosse and also the ball is shot off field. Remember, field lacrosse is play in a designated area and there would be currently or markings telling players simply how much they have the right to run. It’s a lot choose tennis or basketball wherein you’re not enabled to go the end of bounds. There are times once the lacrosse sphere is misfired so the goes every the way across the field and also bypassing the game lines. If this happens, the moment is immediately paused till the sphere is retrieved and also put earlier in the field. This can easily extend the duration for the conclusion that the game. 

At the finish of the 1st and 3rd Quarter

After the an initial and third quarter, the teams deserve to enjoy two minutes of rest time. Players can use this time to setup their next strategy, acquire much needed rest, rehydrate, and motivate each various other to it is in better. The end of each 4 minutes 1 is additionally the perfect time for exhausted players to sit down and also have someone else take the field for a fresher approach to the game.

Now, 2 minutes might not it seems ~ like much – but a lot could be excellent within those 120 seconds. In fact, the 2-minute break time is no different from basketball which also enforces that dominion at the end of the first and third quarter. Again, we’re talking about professional and college lacrosse here. For gamings with younger players, the rules might be bending a tiny to accommodate their younger years. Hence, the rest time can be longer so the they could rest.

The end of the 4th quarter obviously end the video game – however what around the end of the second quarter?

Half Time or after ~ the 2nd Quarter

After the second quarter, players are offered a much more generous break. Likewise known together halftime, players deserve to have a complete ten minutes precious of rest. After ~ all, they’ve been play for 30 minute now and also could really usage some water and room to breathe. Techniques can additionally be questioned during this time. It’s likewise interesting to note that the halftime signal the have to switch sides. So, if your goal is ~ above the left side before halftime, it would now be on the best side ~ the 2nd quarter.

Time Out

Each team can call for a time the end in the center of the game, yet it’s not unlimited. Every team can have two timeouts each half. This equates to about one timeout every quarter, however remember the the limit is make on “halftime” and also not quarter. Hence, you have the right to use two timeouts in the first quarter and also none at all on the 2nd quarter. If you don’t use any type of of the timeouts during the very first half, it doesn’t rollover to the 2nd half. This is why coaches have to be really mindful of utilizing timeouts and also call that only once absolutely necessary. Exactly how long perform they last? This commonly covers just a few minutes – no much more than the rest time in in between quarters.


Yes – part lacrosse games can go past the 60-minute note for experienced games. This frequently happens once there’s a tie in between the two teams. It has to be broken and this is done v 5 minute of overtime. Not much right? however you’ll be surprised at just how much can be done within the 5-minute time frame. The overtime duration can also adjust depending top top the league. Because that example, the NCAA only permits 4 minutes of overtime while the MLL and also PLL is nice generous through 10 minutes of overtime. During overtime, the team that scores a score wins.

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What about Penalties?

Don’t get confused – penalties in lacrosse have actually nothing to execute with how long the video game is played. Typically, once a team is penalized – that simply way that they need to play the game with one less team member for a duration of time. This have the right to cover a few minutes for a particular quarter. This could seem like such a quick time – but it might mean a lot because that the game itself.