Fans who check out the ‘Lord that the Rings’ movies first often questioning why Frodo waited 17 years before leaving the Shire in the book. The movie adjusted the timeline – however Frodo did no really wait that long to leave.

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Q: Why go Frodo Wait 17 years to leave the Shire?

ANSWER: This is just one of those questions that arises from the conflict between the Peter Jackson movies and J.R.R. Tolkien’s book. It has actually been request both ways: “What taken place to the seventeen year gap in between the taking leave Party and also Frodo’s departure from the Shire (in the movie)?”

In various other words, why walk Peter Jackson no tell the exact same story as J.R.R. Tolkien? ns don’t know. Us might as well ask why Rhett and Scarlett only had actually one boy in the film variation of “Gone v the Wind”. But we should shot to clear up a misperception as ideal we can.

Frodo did no wait seventeen year to leave the Shire. No in the book, at any type of rate.

There is no doubt that Peter Jackson’s version of occasions leaves out a seventeen year gap between Bilbo’s departure and also Gandalf’s conversation v Frodo. However in the book Frodo waited number of months before leaving the Shire after Gandalf explained the background of the Ring come him.

Frodo own the One Ring as part of his inheritance native Bilbo for seventeen years (in the book) without discovering what it was or the anyone was trying to find it. Gandalf just suspects there is something far-ranging about the Ring during those years. We have only scanty information around Gandalf’s timeline during the 17 years:

T.A. 3001 (Bilbo’s party). Gandalf calls ~ above Aragorn to aid him look for Gollum3004-8 Gandalf access time Frodo sometimes in the Shire (obviously not searching for Gollum)3009-17 Gandalf and Aragorn search high and low because that Gollum. Gandalf then visits Minas Tirith and also finds Isildur’s scroll. Aragorn captures Gollum.

What Peter Jackson pipeline out is Gandalf’s search for Gollum. But he also dismisses Frodo’s unnerving conservation through those years: he shows up to have not age at all, similar to Bilbo. That was a clear authorize of the Ring’s power however in the publication it is not immediately noticeable to the leader what is walking on. You have to know what the Ring is to know what the foreshadowing means.

So apologists for the films could argue that there was merely no point in reflecting the 17 year gap as it did not advance the story, and the cinematic adaptation had to reduced out a lot of things come maximize screen time because that those aspects of the story the Peter and his team felt were most important. Yet only Peter Jackson can safeguard this point, and some people might feeling he go not protect it well (if in ~ all). The strength of the Ring is an extremely hard to describe without a the majority of exposition and also exposition seldom does fine in film (e.g., the “Unexpected Party” in “The Hobbit: An unanticipated Journey”, which i alone seem to have loved for its faithfulness to Tolkien).

On the other hand, the stare of Gandalf’s find for Gollum needs to wait in the publication until everyone has actually gathered in ~ Rivendell. The movies don’t share all the cool and interesting details of Elrond’s council, making use of that time rather to produce tension in between the personalities (including between Boromir and also everyone else). So there is no an possibility to define Gandalf’s long absence further right into the story, I can see why it can seem much better to leave the end the 17-year gap. Otherwise, Gandalf just inexplicably vanishes for 17 years and Frodo has to forget all around the Ring (or not).

The book can take liberties the the films lack time for. Yet the disparity in between film and also book does show up to have produced some man on the allude of why Frodo stayed in the Shire all those years. He continued to be there because he was no yet in danger. He only learned the he was in hazard after Gandalf found Isildur’s role (and that was had in the movie) and returned come the Shire to explain the totality convoluted chaos to Frodo.

From that allude forward both the book and also the movie develop a sense of urgency. The course, the film shows the Nazgul issuing soon from Mordor conversely, the book leaves lock in the background lesson until the an initial Black Rider mirrors up. In this case Peter Jackson’s foreshadowing is much less oblique than Tolkien’s, and also not really setup up a secret for the audience so lot as a confrontation.

As for Frodo’s delay in the book, the was intentional because neither he nor Gandalf felt he need to leave ideal away. That would stir up interest in his intentions and also activities. And also so Frodo propose in April 3018 that he leaving Bag finish on his fiftieth birthday in September. Gandalf agreed because that would give Frodo time to do arrangements, species which verified to be far-ranging in the book but no in the movie.

Hence, in the movies Frodo go not market Bag finish to the Sackville-Bagginses; no one does he return to assist cleanse the Shire of Sharkey and his men. All of that was reduced from the films, made possible by Saruman’s early fatality at Isengard. Many civilization were without doubt upset at the ns of “The Scouring the the Shire” in the movies, but what’s excellent is done. Frodo was therefore able to leave the Shire really quickly after discovering the Ring’s true nature in the movie.

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And so ns think the proper answer to every these concerns is just that the movies tell a different story from the told in the book. Whether it was a justifiable departure will be debated for years, maybe centuries. Yet at the an extremely least those who care about the publications should it is in glad to understand that Frodo go not simply hang around waiting because that the negative guys to virtually catch him. He lived quietly and also peacefully until it was time to go, and then things started to become dramatic, in both the movies and the book.

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