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The background to Walton "s personality is created in his early letters, in i beg your pardon he defines to his sister, Margaret, his feelings that he was collection upon earth to "accomplish some an excellent purpose," and also that "success candlestick crown endeavours," despite his flagging spirits. This foreshadows what the reader will...

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The background come Walton"s personality is developed in his early letters, in which he explains to his sister, Margaret, his feelings the he was collection upon earth to "accomplish some great purpose," and also that "success chandelier crown endeavours," regardless of his flagging spirits. This foreshadows what the reader will later on learn around Victor, himself, and establishes a similarity between their characters.

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When Walton"s crew find Victor, Walton"s initial an answer is surprise that a guy so emaciated and apparently close to fatality should an initial inquire regarding "whither you room bound." he is interested more when the stranger shows up satisfied v the answer that the crew is tied on a trip of discovery.

Victor"s early stage silence concerns Walton, but he rapidly becomes impressed by the "interesting creature" he has picked up and also becomes security of him, restraining his very own curiosity and that that his men, that would all favor to interrogate him about his purpose in the ice. An extremely swiftly, Walton develops an intense attachment to Victor, whose gentle manner and "deep grief" draws the end Walton"s compassion until he "begin to love him prefer a brother." This is before Walton also knows Victor"s story, however he is exceptionally moved by the damaged spirit that perceives in Victor——perhaps mindful that he, too, have the right to imagine his own spirit ending up being broken together a result of his endeavors——and look at in the a potential "brother of my heart."