It was a poor crash, but his problem is no serious.Fue un choque espeluznante, pero su estado no es grave.

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I'm serious around Erica. I'm thinking about proposing to her.Mi relación con Erica es seria. Estoy considerando proponerle casamiento.
We're serious about the wellness of our patients.Nos tomamos en serio el bienestar de nuestros pacientes.
Those space some significant kicks. Where'd you gain them?Esos tenis child geniales. ¿Dónde los conseguiste?
1 (in earnest, no frivolous) <+person> serio; formal; <+expression, discussion, newspaper, music> serio
a fairly serious girl una chica bastante seria or formal; space you serious? ¿lo dices en serio?; you can"t it is in serious! no lo dices en serio, ¿verdad?; gentlemen, let"s be serious señores, un poco de formalidad
she"s serious around her research studies se toma sus estudios en serio; are you serious around giving up the job? ¿hablas en serio de dejar el trabajo?
he is serious about his hazard sus amenazas valve en serio; he"s serious about leaving house está decidido a irse de casa; is she serious about him? ¿va ella en serio con él?
they haven"t do a significant attempt to solve the problem no han intentado realmente resolver el problema
eating shellfish is a serious company in France comer marisco no es algo que se tome a la ligera en Francia
come serious around sb to acquire serious around sth it"s around time we acquired serious around our responsibilities
i think this is a major for sure that"s no a serious you"re making? he said in a severe couple of Palestinians feeling confident the Israel is serious about peace space the rebels serious around peace? they are serious around obtaining a ceasefire she yes, really is serious around going to live in Tibet She is serious about her project as one English teacher the federal government is serious around its revolutionary programme ns had always enjoyed looking at paintings, but it was at university that I first took a severe in arts if his is really a major one climate I"m absolutely interested
2 (grave) <+problem, consequences, situation> grave; serio; <+danger, illness, injury, mistake> grave
a serious danger/illness the economy is in significant trouble such a slip might have major The dilemm in Yugoslavia raises severe around the european Community"s ability to act collectively I have serious doubts about his capacity to take care of the case Orthodox neurologists have actually expressed significant about the clinical rationale the this theory

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