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Il me plaît d'être avec toiJe ne sais pas oùOù le temps s'est enfuiOh je t'aime mon chériFunny just how time flies once you're having actually funOoh, babyFunny exactly how time flies once you're having fun (Fun)Oh, babyI don't know where it every wentTime passed us byJust once it appeared the fun beganOohFunny how time flies once you're having fun, please stayFunny just how time flies (Please stay) once you're having actually fun, mmmBut time never ever endsLet's uncover the timeTo obtain together when again, someday soon
Funny how time flies once you're having actually fun, mmm, yeah, oohFunny how time flies once you're having actually fun (Fun)Don't you ever leave (Funny how time flies as soon as you're having fun)Don't you ever goSay girlfriend love me therefore (Funny how time flies when you're having actually fun)MmmFunny how time flies when you're having actually fun (When you're having fun, yeah)Funny how time flies when you're having funJe ne sais pas où le temps s'est enfuiIl me plaît d'être avec toiI really don't know where all the time wentI really have to goStop, stopOh, i really need to goOh, ns really need to goOne more time?Oh je t'aime mon chériOh, oh, ohŠ'il vous plaîtŠ'il vous plaît
“Funny exactly how Time paris (When You’re having actually Fun)” is the seventh and also final single released native Janet Jackson’s breakthrough 3rd album, Control. Return the single didn’t chart and also the album’s other singles, the still got moderate radio airplay and was sampled multiple time in the following years.

In a 2008 interview for VH1, well-off Juzwiak inquiry Janet about “Funny How…”:

Let’s an initial talk about “Funny how Time paris (When You’re having actually Fun).” That’s type of the prototypical Janet baby-making song.

I was simply a infant myself as soon as I did that. I’ve heard civilization say that that has actually kind that a Jackson feel, that it’s storage of ingredient my family’s done in the past, musically speaking. I guess it does. Thinking around it then, i didn’t hear it, but thinking about it now, it kind of does. The was just giving human being a possibility to see another side that me. Simply a tiny glimpse into a human being that later on they’d check out a lot.


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