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Dragon sphere Z: Budokai 3 is a fighting game based upon the Dragon sphere Z anime franchise. Learn just how to play as every character, discover every Dragon Ball location in Dragon cosmos Mode, and unlock more cheats because that Dragon sphere Z: Budokai 3.



exactly how to Unlock characters in Dragon round Z: Budokai 3

New fighters can be unlocked through beating various game modes with different characters. Some mystery characters need to be unlocked by various other means.

CharacterHow come Unlock
Adult GohanComplete Dragon Universe setting with teenager Gohan.
Android 16Play Krillin"s Dragon Universe setting a 2nd time to discover Android 16 north of the civilization tournament arena, climate take him to Bulma in West City.
Android 17Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo in Dragon world mode.
Android 18Complete Dragon Universe setting as Krillin.
BardockAt the start of Dragon cosmos mode, fly towards the question marks end Raditz"s spaceship.
BrollyComplete Dragon Universe mode as Goku three times and also defeat Brolly in battle.
Captain GinyuDefeat Captain Ginyu as son ogong in Dragon universe mode.
CellDefeat cell as teen Gohan in Dragon universe mode.
Cell Jr.Defeat Piccolo when he breaksinto the Dragon Arena.
CoolerDefeat Frieza, SS Vegeta, and then Cooler.
DaburaDefeat Dabura together Gohan in Dragon world mode.
Dr. GeroDefeat Dr. Gero together Yamcha in Dragon cosmos mode.
FriezaDefeat Frieza as son ogong in Dragon cosmos mode.
Gogeta (SSJ2)Defeat Brolly in Dragon universe mode, then defeat Gotenks at the people Tournament Arena.
Gogeta (SSJ4)Fight Goku instead of son Buu in Vegeta"s Dragon universe mode.
GotenDefeat Goten together Gohan in Dragon cosmos mode.
GotenksPurchase in the Capsule Shop.
Great SaiyamanComplete Dragon Universe mode as Gohan.
Hercule/Mr. SatanHelp him the end in the desert in Piccolo"s Dragon cosmos mode, then talk to Videl at main City.
Kid BuuDefeat child Buu as goku in Dragon universe mode.
Kid GokuGo come Grandpa Gohan"s home as goku in Dragon universe mode.
Kid TrunksDefeat Majin Buu together Vegeta in Dragon cosmos mode.
Majin BuuDefeat Majin Buu as son ogong in Dragon universe mode.
Omega ShenronVisit Bulma in West City and defeat Gotenks.
RecoomeDefeat Recoome as son ogong in Dragon universe mode.
Teen GohanComplete Dragon Universe mode as boy Gohan.
SaibamanDefeat Nappa in the Dragon Arena when he breaksin.
Goku (SS4)Find all dragon balls as Goku.
Vegeta (SS4)Find every dragon balls as Vegeta.
Goku (SSJ4)Play Dragon Universe mode a 2nd time as Goku and defeat boy Buu, then go to the inquiries marks close to the little islands on the map.
Super BuuDefeat supervisor Buu as son ogong in Dragon world mode.
Supreme Kai/KaioshinFind him in ~ the Plains before you go to the last battle in Gohan"s Dragon cosmos mode.
TrunksComplete Dragon universe as Vegeta.
Young TrunksDefeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe setting as Vegeta.
Kid TrunksBeat Namek through Vegeta.
UubWhen fighting son Buu, usage the heart Bomb technique when not a super Saiyan as the finishing blow.
VegetaDefeat Vegeta as goku in Dragon cosmos mode.
VegitoDefeat supervisor Buu in Buu"s body in Dragon world mode.
VidelGo come the levels as Gohan in Dragon cosmos mode.

Dragon Ball areas in Dragon Universe setting

Find the Dragon Balls in Dragon Universe setting to wish because that memories and rare items.

Dragon BallLocation
Dragon ball #1By the white plains about Red Ribbon military Base in Saiyan Saga (Earth).
Dragon sphere #2Between the top two main islands inSaiyan Saga (Earth).
Dragon sphere #3On the upper-right island in Frieza Saga (Namek).
Dragon ball #4On the left island near the map border in Frieza Saga, southwest the the upper-left island (Namek).
Dragon sphere #5Where the compass is on the map in the water in Cell games (Earth).
Dragon round #6By the key island in the direction of the center by phibìc City in Buu Saga (Earth).
Dragon round #7On a sandbar near the martial arts tournament in Buu Saga (Earth).

In boy Gohan"s story mode, over there are four Dragonballs top top Earth and three Dragonballs on planet Namek. Part Dragonballs might be in the water.

Dragon sphere Z: Budokai 3 publication

Some features must be purchased native the shop after friend unlock them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Baba crystal Balls Movie 00Unlock all Ultimate relocate skills.
Baba decision Balls Movie 01Purchase the Baba decision Balls Movie 00 indigenous the skills Shop.
Breakthrough (all characters)Purchase the Baba crystal Balls Movie 01 from the an abilities Shop.
Ultimate skill Moves (all characters)Unlock all characters.
Dragon ArenaComplete Dragon Universe mode with all 11 key characters.
Cell GamesTournamentDefeat Cell when he appears in the Dragon Arena.

how to View unique Character scenes in matches Matches

Most characters have a special scene that plays out before specific matches. Pit the complying with characters versus each other in Versus setting to view one of the distinct character scenes:

Goku vs. VegetaGoku vs. FriezaGoku vs. BardockGoku vs. BrollyKid goku vs. TienTrunks (Adult) vs. VegetaKid goku vs. PiccoloKid Gohan vs. PiccoloTeen Gohan vs. CellKrillin vs. 18Piccolo vs. 17Uub vs. Child BuuGinyu vs. RecoomeVegeta vs. 18Trunks vs. CellMajin Buu vs. Kid BuuKid goku vs. Yamcha

how to Unlock alternating Costumes

PressLefton the PS2 controller when picking your fighter at the character pick screen come switch right into their alternative outfit.

just how to discover Membership Cards

All 3 membership cards are located in Goku"s Dragon Universe setting on an island simply north the the large bridge. You must finish Dragon Universe 3 times to gain them all.

Dragon sphere Z Budokai 2 Bonus items

If you have save game data forDragon ball Z: Budokai 2on your memory card, you"ll immediately unlock the silver- Membership Card, Babidi"s Pot, and Bardock for free.

how to get the Gogeta Capsule

Play Dragon Universe setting as goku or Vegeta. Proceed until you acquire an invitation from Goten and Trunks to fight in a combination battle. Win the fusion battle to get the Gogeta capsule.

just how to obtain the SSJ4 revolution Capsule for Vegeta

Go to West City together Vegeta to see Bulma top top the Majin Buu map to get the capsule that enables Vegeta come transform into his SSJ4 form.

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how to get Babidi's Pot

Complete the accuse in chapter 12 where you learn just how to taunt opponents to obtain Badidi"s Pot.