Does marketing produce or accomplish needs? Essay Sample

Marketing is an organizational duty and a collection of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and also for managing customer relationship in methods that benefit the organization and also its stakeholders. Marketers are experienced at regulating demand, and they run in four various marketplace: customer, business, global, and also nonprofit. Marketing is not done just by marketing department. Marketers should think like executives, and executives should think favor marketers. Needs are the an easy human demands like food, water, air, shelter, etc… these needs come to be wants when they space directed to certain objects that meet the need, and demands space wants for particular products backed by an capacity to pay. The marketing role is to find needs and also then satisfy it, however the issue that part companies create needs, therefore we should not call it “marketing” because none the the marketing role is creating needs. The marketing thinker Philip Kotler says” Marketers do not produce needs, requirements pre-exist marketers together with other societal factors, and influence wants. Marketers might promote idea the Mercedes would meet a person’s require for social status. They execute no, however, produce the need for social status”. However nowadays companies do more. They educate people and also give them reason to buy their products and also this is what human being might contact it “creation of needs” human being purchase something as soon as they need it, if lock think they carry out not need the product they might not purchase it.

For example, exactly how many people in Pakistan require I-pad? Or why do human being really must go to space? they don’t require it at all, yet they go. Creation of require is not the function of marketing. Marketing is how the assets create worth to the customer and also receive it by needs and also wants. Marketing go both, that creates and also satisfies needs of customers. Marketers should use the marketing development’s ax to create needs. They should learn how to change in knowledge, behavior, attitudes, or creativity. Then, it help customers come be encouraged to learn and make a decision, help the customers effectively handle the information and also experience, or helps the customers know the product application and influences the buying behavior. Marketing also satisfy needs. Marketing create a transaction for trading the product because that a value and also thus develop a satisfaction to the buyer’s needs. Marketing is based upon identifying and also satisfying customers’ needs profitability.

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