Kinky sexual has given a great number of world the much-needed freedom to explore their kinkier next without fear of judgment or rejection.

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Written by Dr.Natthakhet Yaemim (Dr.Deyn) founding Director.Written on 21 in march 2021, last update: 23 in march 2021 


I loved it once my companion sucked my toes, right here is exactly how i feel

 I’m no stranger to sexual experimentation. Ns remember the time once out of a sudden, my fuck girlfriend or let's say my sex partner(s) placed my toe in their mouth without warning or front discussion. Surprisingly, it i do not care something ns really LOVE. I'm going come share through you just how I feel ;)

1. It's the brand-new thing that made me excited.

This is quite obvious and yet we’re every guilty of gaining ourselves right into a sexual rut. If you recognize what friend like and also what gets you off, why meddle v the perfect recipe, right? Wrong! No matter just how I love Tom Yum Goong, i don't want to eat it everyday. We always go earlier to old faithful if the new stuff no work, but getting mine toes sucked totally did.

2. It might not sound sexy but trust me, it fucking is.

If you have actually neevr do the efforts it, the assumed of who sucking her toes no sound that appealing or also something that would achieve pleasure, yet it transforms out it’s actually really great! I just know I desire him to do it much more often. For lot of of civilization toe sucking deserve to be highly arousing and pleasurable because that both the giver and the receiver. While some human being enjoy suck toes as component of an all at once foot fetish, others prefer it greatly for exactly how it stimulates their partner, since many gain aroused from feeling like good lovers or seeing your partner's reaction. For the receiver, having actually their toe sucked deserve to be at sight pleasurable, because toes and feet are specifically sensitive, thanks to a ton that nerve endings down there.


SARAH FERGUSON was recorded up in scandal in 1992 in her now-infamous “toe-sucking” scandal – and the Duchess of York held Princess Diana responsible because that tipping the paparazzi off about her.


3. It renders me feeling closer come him

If a man is willing to suck her toes, also after they’ve been suffocated in socks all day, he is seriously attracted to friend (unless he’s doing it because he has a foot fetish, yet let’s not go there). It speak me that he loves every component of me and nothing about my body is gross, offputting, or the end of bounds. Ns love that! Simply knowing this is together a turn-on and it brings us closer with each other in every element of our relationship.

Armie Hammer 2-year-old boy sucking top top his father's toes

4. The hightens every my various other sensations.

 There’s definitely something to be claimed for gift touched all over except whereby you crave the most! when he pays much more attention to mine fingers and also toes than he does come the much more obvious areas, it only makes me want him more. When he lastly does gain down to business, that feels for this reason much more intense and ultimately leader to better sex :P


5. It renders me feel both that us space DIRTY yet in a great way

There’s absolutely something come be claimed for gift touched all over except whereby you crave the most! when he pays more attention to my fingers and also toes 보다 he does to the much more obvious areas, it only makes me want him more. Once he lastly does acquire down to business, it feels for this reason much an ext intense and also ultimately leads to better, longer-lasting orgasms.

6. That looks really hot sucking mine toes

Not every sexual position is flattering or also all the sexy. I have made my way through a Kama Sutra book and also trust me when I say the the forms my partner and also I have actually thrown haven’t constantly been the many attractive. Still, having actually him bending my leg at that vulnerable obtuse angle and also leaning slightly end me is definitely a winner in my book. Besides, both of us acquire to look in ~ each other in the eye, something that’s very important because that intimacy and also non-verbal communication when we have actually sex. :P 

7. Every male looks hot doing the things he loves!

This is my forever philosophy, "Every guy looks hot doing what that loves." execute you feel the love and the pasison once someone does something they room really into, they perform it passionately and so focus and also they perform it v pleasure. For me this is a large turn on!

8. I feel dominant when he sucks my toes.

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That's what he provides me feel as soon as gets down and lick my toes. Particularly when he's in me while ns am top top my ago and climate he lift mine feet towards him and also he suck it and lick it, and also then once he suck a few toes all in his mouth and also play v his tongue. I really feel more than sufficient attention and also pleasure and I feel he's being submissive come me.