Baloo, the fun, easy-going bear native the Disney film The jungle Book lives in the jungle and befriends the “man-cub” Mowgli. So that raises the question, execute bears in reality live in the jungle? Do bear live in the jungle? Most species of bears do not live in the jungle. Over there are just two types of be afflicted with that have the right to be uncovered in the jungle and also they room the panda bear and also the sunlight bear. Instead, many bears live in woodlands and together with mountain ranges. RELATED: are Bears Friendly? just how Dangerous space They?

Types the bears

There are eight different varieties of bears. Right here we will look at these types of bears and what type of habit the they live in. 

Sun bear– This kind of bear is one of the only types of bears that have adapted to live in a jungle. The sunlight bear resides in tropic jungles in south east Asia, in places like Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Lock live come live in tropical woodlands that give them accessibility to food every year round. Panda bear– although there have been some debates whether or not pandas room actually bears, they are in fact members of the be afflicted with family. This bears live in temperate forests in the hill ranges that China. 

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Andean Bear– The Andean bear, additionally known together the spectacled bear, is the only bear indigenous to south America. Here, they have the right to be uncovered living in the Andes Mountain variety and far mountains. They have the right to live in high elevations up to 8,800 feet. Asiatic black color bear– This form of black color bear is mostly uncovered in the forested hills and mountains in Asia. These bears can live at elevations of approximately 11,800 feet. Lock live in parts of the Himalaya Mountains, and forested areas in the southeast and also eastern Asia, consisting of Japan. Brown bear– This bear is among the biggest living carnivores in the world. These large bears live in a selection of habitats- however none that them are the jungle. Brown bears have the right to live in mountain woodlands, high mountain forests, ice cream fields, arctic tundras, and also the coast in components of phibìc America. RELATED: Cutest baby Polar bears North American black bear– this bears have the right to be discovered living in coniferous and deciduous forests ranging from Canada and also the United states to the northern parts that Mexico. This bears can also be uncovered in alpine habitats and also along rivers wherein there are also plenty the trees for them come hide in. 


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