“Is it for sure to eat baby carrots that have a white movie on the outside?” This was a inquiry from an AnswerLine caller who had actually read on social media the the white film to be a chlorine residue from processing that could reason cancer. This is an net myth that has been making the rounds because that years.

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True facts. The white movie on infant carrots is safe. That is little much more than white blush i beg your pardon is a slim layer the dehydrated carrot. The film creates when the infant carrots are exposed to air and also the outside becomes dry. Infant carrots carry out not have actually a security skin to protect against them from drying. Many baby carrots space cut and shaped from larger deformed carrots really making them baby ‘cut’ carrots. According to a researcher at McGill college ”moisture loss indigenous the carrot surface ar roughens the external membranes leading to light come scatter which in turn results in a whitish appearance.”

While that is true the carrots might be rinsed in a dilute solution of chlorine to rid bacteria, this has actually nothing to do with white blush. Instead of representing a cancer health hazard, carrot processing with chlorinated water is a health-protective action recommended through the united state Food and Drug management to prevent foodborne outbreaks. The lot of chlorine provided in processing is numerous levels below the allowable border for drink water.1 before packaging, the tiny carrots go v a plain tap water rinse.

If white blush is undesirable for fresh carrot eating, they space still great for cooking. Besides mirroring white blush, infant carrots may likewise get rubbery if packages space not sealed. Rubbery carrots are safe come eat and also may be supplied for cooking should they no make good snacks. Finally, infant carrots that go past rubbery come soft and slimy need to be tossed.

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Here’s some great baby-carrot storage truth from StillTasty.com

How long do infant carrots last? The an accurate answer to that inquiry depends come a big extent ~ above storage problems – store baby carrots refrigerated.To maximize the shelf life of infant carrots, refrigerate in covered container or re-sealable plastic bag or plunder tightly in aluminum silver paper or plastic wrap.How long do infant carrots last in the fridge? appropriately stored, infant carrots will certainly last for 2 come 3 weeks in the refrigerator.Can you freeze infant carrots? Yes, come freeze: (1) Blanch (plunge right into boiling water) baby carrots for 2 minutes and chill conveniently in ice cream cold water; (2) drainpipe off overfill moisture, package in airtight containers or freezer bags and also freeze immediately.Frozen infant carrots will certainly soften as soon as thawed and also are best used in cook dishes.How lengthy do infant carrots last in the freezer? effectively stored, they will maintain best quality for about 12 to 18 months, yet will stay safe beyond that time.The freezer time shown is for best quality only – carrots that have been kept constantly frozen in ~ 0°F will save safe indefinitely.How to tell if baby carrots are bad or spoiled? The best means is to smell and look in ~ the baby carrots: discard any kind of carrots that have actually an off odor or appearance; if mold appears, discard the baby carrots.

So put the net myth to rest and enjoy your baby carrots!