A road expedition from Chicago to new Orleans is an incredible journey in between two the America"s many legendary music cities.

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The 975-mile road expedition from Chicago to new Orleans bring away 13 hrs 30 minute of driving without stops. You"ll travel across 6 states, down the Mississippi River, native the good Lakes on America"s north border come the Gulf the Mexico in the south.

Read ~ above to uncover the best sights, sounds, and also stops the await girlfriend on this amazing adventure.

How much Is The brand-new Orleans native Chicago and also How lengthy Will It take To obtain There?

A trip this lengthy is technically feasible to complete in a day, yet if you"re in together a hurry to acquire down to brand-new Orleans, friend may as well catch a trip - a road expedition is all about the journey, so take it a couple of days to take it every in.

The many direct and fastest route is 925 mile long and also features at least 13 hrs 30 minute of driving.

With the road pilgrimage from Chicago to brand-new Orleans being somewhat of a music pilgrimage complete with a small must-do detour, friend will want to give yourself lot of of time to explore the amazing culture and scenery along the way.

The route we"re walking to take it is a little longer at 975 miles and will take virtually 15 hours driving native our starting point in Illinois through Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and also Mississippi before we arrive at ours final location in Louisiana.

Oak Alley Plantation is one of plenty of grand mansions you can visit follow me the good River road down to new Orleans.

Best Time To go On A Road trip From Chicago To new Orleans

Going from city come city, there"s no genuine wrong time to do this trip, as many of the attractions at your destination don"t depend on the weather to it is in a success.

However, this is brand-new Orleans we"re talking about, which can be notoriously negative during its rainy season. That"s before we also factor in that countless of the attractions ns have argued along the path are outdoors.

That"s why the finest times to go are either very early or so late summer, with April to May and also September to October gift the home windows that provide you the best temperature and also rainfall mix to do your pilgrimage a success.

Beware the if you"re going in the winter, you"ll it is in going from freeze cold Chicago to a rather balmy brand-new Orleans the averages day-to-day highs the 62 °F (16 °C) in January. You"ll need to carry clothes for every season if that"s what you"re planning!

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