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I am trying to find a basic answer; nothing as well detailed. And also no. This is no a homework question. It happened to me in lab and also I am wondering what error I could have committed.


Below is a an easy example.

If percent productivity is based upon a mass, then a >100% yield can an outcome from a product contains materials that have to not be there. Because that instance, a product that have to be anhydrous might not be completely dry and also water would include mass come the product raising your yield. Other existing contaminants can likewise do this and also can even show up from a product the reacted with the bordering atmosphere.


Preface: The problem is the you have actually overstated your portion yield, and the symptom is that it is above 100%.

Example: You and also your girlfriend each do an experiment wherein the literature states the yield need to be ~65%. Friend both usage poor an approach and fail to dry her product, resulting in you come attribute water mass as product mass. Her friend"s yield is 101%, and also yours is 99%. Both you and also your friend room wrong, because that the same reason! Don"t do the wrong of protecting against your analysis when portion yield drops listed below 100%. Don"t chastise your friend for having an "impossible" productivity while patting you yourself on the earlier for her "99%"!

Overstatement of portion yield happens for the adhering to reasons:

Zero) Your model of the reaction invernessgangshow.net is simply wrong. i can not qualify in an undergraduate setting, yet worth mentioning.

1) Your math is wrong. Worth twin checking and easy to rule out as a source of error.

2) You used much more reactant than you thought. many errors in reactant measurement reason you to use much less reactant than taped (e.g. Transfer errors, impure reactants), yet you might possibly have actually used an ext than friend thought. Beyond basic measurement errors, probably your limiting reagent was detailed to girlfriend in solution, and also that solution was of higher concentration than reported. Placed a little of time right into thinking about this, but protocols usually minimize the chance of this kind of error.

3) You actually have less product 보다 you think.

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This is the most most likely culprit. You need to be really honest with yourself here. In most experiments, you take it the massive of something in ~ the end, and also call it the fixed of your product. Is the really your product? Or does the mass save on computer impurities which cause you to misrepresent impurities together product. Likely culprits are solvents (e.g. Water native improper drying), side-products, and/or unreacted reagent. Have you really done your finest to filter and remove them? If not, her yield will certainly be inflated.