A 16-year-old Aussie-American boy recalls his traumatic childhood suffer of being raised as a girl and forced to wear dresses and also make up by his mother.

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Lucas was just 8 when his mother dressed the in girl’s clothes and sent him invernessgangshow.nete school. “I didn’t know who ns was,” that told united state in this heartbreaking email.

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“I have actually sent this story to numerous websites and none the them have actually published it. Ns feel favor I must share this particularly after learning around Desmond. I think our experiences could be very similar, and hopefully this could help some world are going through the very same thing,” created Lucas.

Desmond “Desi” Napoles, 12, is a childdragperformer,fashion model, actor, andLGBTQactivist, known by thestage nameDesmond is Amazing. Follow to his parents, he’s been right into drags because he was only 2-years-old.


Trans young story: 16-year-old boy recalls his mum forcing him to clock RuPaul’s drag Race and making that trans.

It was at this allude when his mother got in his room and also pulled out every one of his clothes. She scattered them everywhere the living room floor and also said: “Look. Doesn’t this just seem wrong. This isn’t you, Lucy.”

“I to be a bit confused. Ns didn’t know any kind of Lucy. I actually didn’t really recognize many kids my age because mum hadn’t enrolled me in school yet. It take it me a little bit to figure out that i was Lucy, or at the very least that was the surname my mum had offered me.”

Lucas’s mom told him that they needed to remove all the ‘toxic items’ in his life and claimed the the only reason he believed he was a boy was due to the fact that of his father’s manipulative influence.

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“She made me grow my hair out. She put make up on me and also put me in dresses. She called me Lucy. She to be my mother, so ns just believed her. Ns think she noticed that ns was quiet confused due to the fact that I didn’t action the way she wanted, so she’d simply say ‘do favor the perform on the show <RuPaul’s drag Race>.”

His mom covered him in glitter make up, and made the wear fishnet leggings with a shining hot-pink dress and a equivalent bow tie in his hair. “It didn’t feel i was going invernessgangshow.nete school, it felt favor I to be going for an audition,” Lucas expressed.

“I to be a star, or the very least I felt prefer it. The teacher absolutely adored me and also used me as an example all the time. I acquired special treatment. I can never do any type of wrong. The various other boys in my course didn’t bully me or anything. Ns guess i really took pleasure in the attention so I started to take on it and play it up a bit.”