Tire Services and Repair

When it involves tires, we carry out it all. If you get a level tire, we’ll repair, mount and also balance her tire because that you, and also get you ago out top top the roadway in no time. We’re additionally the ar to walk for wheel alignments, tire push checks, tire rotations, wheel balancing and also snow tire installation.

Wheel Alignment

Want to get the maximum worth out of your tires? climate we indicate getting constant wheel alignments at her local large O Tires. When your tires space in appropriate alignment, they wear much more evenly, last longer and help you get an ext miles per gallon. Not certain if your tires require an alignment? not a problem. We can perform a free alignment check that consists of a intuitive inspection of her steering and also suspension system, tires pressure and alignment angle.

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Car Batteries

Big O Tires is her one-stop shop for vehicle batteries. Whether your battery is dead or your automobile is slow-moving to start, we have the right to help. Our expert technicians will test her battery, allow you know if you require a new one, go you through your choices and climate install your brand-new car battery. We can also test and also replace your alternator, starter and battery cables.

Brake Repair

If her brakes are squealing, screeching or squeaking, it’s time to make a stop at large O Tires because that a brake inspection. Our brake inspection company includes a thorough check of her brake pads, rotors, shoes, pads, cables, brake fluid and hydraulics. If yes an issue, fine repair your brakes right, the very first time.

Oil Change, Lube and also Filters

Big O Tires’ Oil readjust service has a brand-new oil filter, up to 5 quarts of quality motor oil, chassis lube, four-tire rotation, fluids check and also preventive maintain analysis. If you require your air, cabin or fuel filter changed, we deserve to take treatment of that, too.

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Routine Auto Services and also Fluids

When you need routine vehicle care maintenance and also want legend service, big O Tires is the place to go. Our professionals will refreshing or replace any dirty or depleted fluids that are holding your vehicle earlier from performing the best. We offer services for her brake fluid, differential fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, strength steering and also fuel system cleaner. It doesn’t avoid there, though. Us can also replace her windshield wipers, belts, radiator and coolant hoses, and headlights and taillights.

Suspension and Front finish Services

If your ride has gotten a small bumpy or bouncy, huge O Tires has actually you covered. Our Steering and also Suspension Evaluation business includes a thorough examine of her shocks, struts, tie rods, sphere joints, rack and pinion, and CV joints and axles. We’ll find what demands repair or replacement and make sure your journey feels smooth again.

Request one appointment virtual or come visit your local large O Tires store today. Us can’t wait to serve you!*Services and Store Amenities differ by store, please call store for details.