Remembering Sunday Chordsfirst tab, ns think everythings rightt soooo have actually fun!!capo 2nd fretIntro. C7, Em, Cadd9, A7Verse 1.C7 Em He wake up up from dreaming and also put top top his shoes Cadd9 began making his means past two, in the morning A7 the hasnt been sober because that daysC7 Leaning out, right into the breezeEmRemembering sunday, he drops to his kneesCadd9 A7They had breakfast together, however two eggs dont last choose the feeling of what the needsCadd9Now this ar seems familiar to him-0-7-0-6-7-x-she traction on the sand through a devilish grin-0-8-0-5-7-x-she led him upstairs she led the upstairs A7left him dice to gain inChorus.G Cadd9Forgive me im trying to find A7My calling im calling in ~ nightA7 C7 Cadd9I dont mean to it is in a bother, yet have you viewed this girl?G Cadd9shes to be running v my dreams A7and its steering me stunner it seems, Cadd9im going come ask her to marry me.Verse 2Cadd9 -0-7-0-6-7-x-even though she doesnt believe in love-0-7-0-6-7-x-hes established to speak to her bluff-0-8-0-5-7-x-who can deny these butterflies it is filling his gutCadd9 -0-7-0-6-7-x- waking the neighbors, unfamiliar facesEmhe pleads oh he tries yet he"s just denied A7now hes dying to obtain insideChorus.G Cadd9Forgive me im trying to find A7My calling im calling in ~ nightA7 C7 Cadd9I dont median to be a bother, however have you viewed this girl?G Cadd9shes to be running with my dreams A7and its control me stunner it seems, Cadd9im going to ask she to marry me.Verse 3/ bridgeEm Cadd9the next-door neighbors said she moved away G funny exactly how it rained every day Di no think lot of it then but its beginning to every make feeling Em7 Cadd9oh i have the right to see now, that all of these clouds space GFollowing me in mine desparate endeavour Dto find my whoever, wherever she might beVerse 4 G Cadd9 Im no coming back, ive done other so disastrous A7im terrified to speak, yet you mean that native me Cadd9 im blended up ill be blunt; currently the rain is washing you the end of my hair Gand the end of mine mind, keeping an eye on the world, Cadd9so plenty of thousands of feet turn off the ground A7Im end you now im at house in the clouds Cadd9 A7towering over her headOutro. Cadd9 -0-7-0-6-7-x- Cadd9i guess: v ill go home now, i guess okay go house now, i guess ok go home now, Emi assumption: v ill walk home.

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Remembering Sunday tabs

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