A lens is a piece of transparent product bound by 2 surfaces of i beg your pardon at the very least one is curved. A lens bound by 2 spherical surfaces bulging outwards is called a bi-convex lens or merely a convex lens. A solitary piece that glass the curves outward and also converges the light occurrence on it is likewise called a convex lens. They room both more thickness in middle than near the edges. A lens bound by two spherical surfaces curved inwards is referred to as a bi-concave lens or merely a concave lens. The is thinner in the middle than the edges.

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The main point that a lens is called its optical center. It is usually represented by the letter “o”. For these lenses convex or concave, each surface develops a part of a sphere. The directly line passing with the optical center in the centers of these spheres is called the principle axis.The principle axis is perpendicular come the surfaces of the lens. The efficient diameter the a spherical lens is dubbed its aperture. It determines the lot of light the passes v the lens.

To aid understand the refraction that light with a convex lens, imagine a convex lens together an plan of a number of portions of triangle prisms v a very little glass slab at the center. The basic of each prism points towards the rule axis that the lens. We know that a ray of light event on a prism bends towards its base then emerges out. When a beam of irradiate parallel come the rule axis strikes the lens these rays experience refraction as they enter the lens and also leave it.

First, they bend in the direction of the basic of the particular prisms and also then arise bending towards the rule axis. Thus, after ~ refraction with the lens they converge come a suggest on the principle axis top top the other side the the lens. This allude is dubbed the focal point or principle focus of the lens, and also is typically denoted by the letter F. Because a convex lens concentrates the light rays the are incident on it, it is referred to as a converging lens.

The bending of rays is maximal at the top and also bottom the the lens. This is because the top and bottom prisms have actually the greatest angle in between the refracting surfaces. Together we move towards the rule axis this angle reduces. This causes a diminish in bending of the rays. In ~ the center no bending occurs as the glass bases are parallel. The ray through the optical facility emerges un-deviated follow me its original direction.

The street from the optical center to the focal suggest is dubbed the focal length the the lens. According to the sign convention the focal length of the convex lens is positive. Thicker lenses having better curvature bend the light much more and for this reason have shorter focal length. Thicker convex lenses have much more converging power.

If the parallel beams incident on the lens are inclined come the principle axis they converge after refraction to certain points to a plane containing the focal point. The aircraft passing v all together points perpendicular to the rule axis is called the focal plane of the lens. What if light rays parallel come the principle axis are incident on the various other side? The lens will have the same effect on light event from the various other side. Therefore, a convex lens has actually two focal length points usually stood for by F1 and F2, one on each side equidistant from the optical center. According to the rule of reversibility of light, a beam of light passing through the focal suggest of a convex lens increase on the various other side parallel to its principle axis.

Let us now talk about how a convex lens creates images. For different positions that the thing a convex lens creates images of varying sizes and nature at different locations. Convex lenses are therefore used in tools like cameras, telescopes, etc. To type images that we see through our eye, which itself has a lens.

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