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Hello my fellow Durango motorists
My "99 Durango with a continual engine (I don"t recognize specifics, sorry) gets around 11 mpg. It has around 85,000 mile on it. This is horrible. It"s naughty, it just is. Now, I"m in search of something that can improve mine gas mileage. I know if i drove better it would most likely improve, however is there anything rather I can do come my truck to do it operation without costing me a fortune? Any little bit helps. I have read around synthetic oil being better... However what is the oil for, the consistent engine oil or..?If anyone who has actually the time to aid me, can you please write down what could assist as if girlfriend were talk to a 5 year old, as I recognize nothing around cars. Hehe, thanks!>edit
Hey Durangogurl. Welcome to DT!!! Everyone right here is very helpful so any problems you have article away and im certain you will get some answers.Is your as whole average 11mpg? I have a 98 5.2 Durango SLT v 107,000 miles and also I basically get about 10 about town if i dont push it also hard and on the highway i get around 13 probably 14 if ns lucky. From every my browsing this is common for the 5.2 engine. The 5.9 engine is a little bit bigger and ive checked out them obtaining like 12-13 city and like 15-17 highway, however then again I see an occasional 5.2 gaining that as well. Make me great I had the bigger engine anyhow. If i fill up mine tank full, by the moment the gas irradiate goes off I typically have about 230-250 miles with roughly 5 gallons left and also that pans out to around 300miles per complete 25gallon tank i m sorry = 12mpg. So to me your 11 is normal.I too am spring to improve things to shot to bang it up another 1-2mpg. I am adding a brand-new exhaust system and a new intake set up that helps the engine breath much better and run far better and ns hoping because that some obtain in mpg. I dont think ill get near that get by including these two but im hoping to see close to a 1mpg obtain from it(total price for home-made intake and also having a flowmaster muffler and brand-new exhaust pipes put on about $350-375). Some perform say that using synthetic oil in the engine and on other things can aid improve the milage yet im hesitant on the one. Ns will discover out soon enough as my next oil readjust im walking to move to man-made oil. Ns dont really understand what type of spending plan you have to work with yet im really budgeted myself. Ns lucky enough to have actually my exhaust payment for as my b-day present next month, however the intake will certainly run me around 70-85 dollars to do one, would certainly be roughly 160+ to gain a nice currently made one. Im certain you will get a couple of other suggestions however this is wherein im starting.One critical thing, click on the manage panel connect up close to the top and also then modify signature and also fill in your signature through your Durangos stats. This saves you the time and also hassle of having actually to kind everytime you have a difficulty what her Durango is/has together it shows up at the bottom of every post. John

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GONE however WILL never BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!1998 dodge DurangoChili Pepper Red5.2L 4X4 SLT132,630 at profession InEngine/Exhaust/Suspension/Transmission:50 series FlowMaster SI/DO w/ Chrome advice ~ IP stage II w/ 9" big Mouth Filter ~ Superchips 3715 power Programmer ~ AutoLite 3923s ~ Relocated IAT Sensor ~ Adjusted change Points ~ Monroe Sensatracs every around! ~ Greaseable sphere Joints Upper/LowerExterior:Clear Corners ~ Rams Head Tail irradiate Covers ~ Vent Visors (4) ~ Rams Head Hitch Break irradiate ~ SS Brushed Grill key Inserts ~ SS Valance/Bumper Inserts ~ Front windows 35% tint ~ Doors and Hatch Debadged ~ SilverStar corner Bulbs Interior:Red Gel covered Lights ~ double Dodge Red Rams Head CD Visors ~ dodge Steering Wheel sheathe ~ Dodge logo Floor carpet Front/2ndRow Stereo:Pioneer 45Wx4 Deck ~ Pioneer 6 3/4" 220W 50RMS in all doors ~ MTX Thunderforms 8"Thunder6000 Subwoofer ~ Kicker 200.2 Amp bridged for Coming Soon: Chrome 20s so late summer ~ Fastman TBody round Christmas ~ Next: SilverStar Head/Fog Bulbs