enter the pressure in kilograms per square centimeter listed below to get the worth converted come pounds per square inch.

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To convert a kilogram every square centimeter measurement to a lb per square customs measurement, multiply the push by the counter ratio.

due to the fact that one kilogram per square centimeter is equal to 14.223358 pounds every square inch, you deserve to use this basic formula to convert:

The press in pounds every square customs is same to the kilograms per square centimeter multiplied by 14.223358.

For example, here"s just how to transform 5 kilograms every square centimeter to pounds per square inch using the formula above.

Kilograms per square centimeter and pounds every square inch are both units supplied to measure up pressure. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

Kilograms every Square Centimeter

One kilogram every square centimeter is the push of equal to one kilogram-force every square centimeter.

The kilogram every square centimeter is a non-SI metric unit because that pressure. A kilogram per square centimeter is sometimes additionally referred to together a kilogram every square centimetre or kilogram-force per centimeter square. Kilograms every square centimeter have the right to be abbreviated as kgf/cm²; because that example, 1 kilogram every square centimeter have the right to be composed as 1 kgf/cm².

In official expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is provided to separate units supplied to indicate division in one expression.<1>

The unit is deprecated and not permitted for use with SI units, although it is tho in usage as some precision measuring tools still use the unit.

Kilograms every square centimeter deserve to be expressed using the formula: 1 kgf/cm2 = 1 kgfcm2

push in kilograms every square centimeter are equal to the kilogram-force split by the area in square centimeters.

Pounds every Square Inch

One pound per square customs is the push of equal to one pound-force every square inch.

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The pound per square customs is a us customary and also imperial unit of pressure. A pound per square inch is sometimes also referred to as a pound-force every square inch. Pounds per square inch can be abbreviated as psi; for example, 1 lb per square inch can be written as 1 psi.

PSI deserve to be expressed making use of the formula: 1 psi = 1 lbfin2

press in pounds every square inch space equal come the pound-force divided by the area in square inches.

Kilogram every Square Centimeter to pound Per Square inch Conversion Table

Kilogram per square centimeter dimensions converted come pounds per square customs Kilograms per Square Centimeter Pounds every Square customs
1 kgf/cm² 14.22 psi
2 kgf/cm² 28.45 psi
3 kgf/cm² 42.67 psi
4 kgf/cm² 56.89 psi
5 kgf/cm² 71.12 psi
6 kgf/cm² 85.34 psi
7 kgf/cm² 99.56 psi
8 kgf/cm² 113.79 psi
9 kgf/cm² 128.01 psi
10 kgf/cm² 142.23 psi
11 kgf/cm² 156.46 psi
12 kgf/cm² 170.68 psi
13 kgf/cm² 184.9 psi
14 kgf/cm² 199.13 psi
15 kgf/cm² 213.35 psi
16 kgf/cm² 227.57 psi
17 kgf/cm² 241.8 psi
18 kgf/cm² 256.02 psi
19 kgf/cm² 270.24 psi
20 kgf/cm² 284.47 psi
21 kgf/cm² 298.69 psi
22 kgf/cm² 312.91 psi
23 kgf/cm² 327.14 psi
24 kgf/cm² 341.36 psi
25 kgf/cm² 355.58 psi
26 kgf/cm² 369.81 psi
27 kgf/cm² 384.03 psi
28 kgf/cm² 398.25 psi
29 kgf/cm² 412.48 psi
30 kgf/cm² 426.7 psi
31 kgf/cm² 440.92 psi
32 kgf/cm² 455.15 psi
33 kgf/cm² 469.37 psi
34 kgf/cm² 483.59 psi
35 kgf/cm² 497.82 psi
36 kgf/cm² 512.04 psi
37 kgf/cm² 526.26 psi
38 kgf/cm² 540.49 psi
39 kgf/cm² 554.71 psi
40 kgf/cm² 568.93 psi


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